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Milipol 19 – Carapace Helmet Appliqué from SMPP PVT LTD

SMPP PVT LTD is an Indian company which has developed a helmet up-armor appliqué for ACH or PASGT shaped helmets. Currently in use on the Hindu Kush region by Indian soldiers who face rifle threats, the design of Carapace is similar to a donut, covering the area most likely to be engaged by a rifle.

Ceramic in nature, it defeats AK47 HSC and M16 SS109 ammunition and weighs 1.25 kg.

3 Responses to “Milipol 19 – Carapace Helmet Appliqué from SMPP PVT LTD”

  1. Damir Subasic says:

    It looks like it’d also be good protecting the head when slamming into a tree on the forest moon of Endor.