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CBP Seeks Service Handgun Electronic Aiming Device for New Glock Pistols

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has issued an RFI to industry for a “Service Handgun Electronic Aiming Device”, a government euphemism for a Mini Red Dot Sight for their recently fielded G47 and G19 pistols manufactured by Glock. The slides are Modular Optic System (MOS) cut.

According to the RFI, any candidate optics will be subjected to a righteous battery of testing which cannot result in a shift of more than 2 MOA. Tests include 25,000 slide cycles with 9mm +P ammunition and horizontal forward and rearward (slide cycle direction) g-forces in excess of 7000G. Yes, 7000G.

Here are the general requirements called out in the RFI:

o Shall be capable of mounting directly and securely to GLOCK model G47 and G19 MOS-configured handguns.
? Shall be designed specifically to mount to MOS profile slide, and not allow for movement when properly mounted. (semi-permanent thread-lock substances, such as Loctite, may be used)
o Shall mount to the handgun slide MOS-cut directly, without the use of adaptor plates.
? Shall not rely exclusively on screws to prevent movement.  Must not allow for font/back or left/right movement once placed in MOS cut-out when held by gravity alone.
o Must allow visibility of back-up iron sights (properly installed Ameriglo Agent night sights) through the lower portion of display in case of optic failure.  Shall not require the use of backup iron sights (BUIS) taller than the CBP-issued Ameriglo Agent Night Sights.

o Aiming device shall not distort or otherwise interfere with clear view of target
o Mounted aiming device shall allow for a clear “target focus”
o Glass or transparent viewing window, if applicable, shall be resistant to fogging, water adhesion, or other environmental interference

o Reticle shape shall be a dot  
o Preferred color for reticle is red or green
o Reticle brightness shall be adjustable. Adjustability shall range from visible under direct sunlight to reduced illumination during nighttime operations.
o Reticle shall be designed to encourage rapid sight acquisition and alignment with target
o Reticle or aiming point shall be crisp, clear, and visible while shooter’s focus is on target (i.e. allows for target focus shooting, with minimal parallax distortion)
o Reticle size shall allow for precision aiming at various engagement distances
? A 3-7 Minute of Angle (MOA) dot is preferred
o If projected, reticle emitter must be fully enclosed or protected to prevent reticle diminishment or disappearance as a result of sand, dust, mud, water, or debris.
? Must resist reticle interference in the following orientations: downward (as holstered), horizontal (as aimed at target), and laterally (held 90 degrees left or right while aimed at target)
o Reticle shall have a hertz (Hz) frequency which appears to the human eye as a solid illumination point, even if moved rapidly from target to target
? Shall not appear to the shooter to flicker or lag when moved rapidly from one target to another
o Reticle shall be capable of being “zeroed” while mounted on a G19 and G47 handgun, and shall be adjustable for point of aim / point of impact (POA/POI)
? Adjustments to POA/POI (windage and elevation) should require the use of a tool (i.e. slot screw driver or allen/torx wrench)
? Adjustments should require deliberate action to adjust (i.e. finger pressure on adjustment screws should not be sufficient to adjust)

o Shall be electronically operated by a removable and replaceable power source which is readily available on the commercial market (i.e. battery)
o Power source must be accessible for replacement without removing the aiming device from the firearm
o Device must be capable of remaining “on” for a minimum of 6 months while set to a daylight visible brightness setting without power supply replacement or recharge
? No shift in POA/POI when battery is replaced
? Daylight visible can be defined as immediately visible to the average shooter under direct sunlight
o Solar power is acceptable but not required, and shall not be the sole source of power or power replenishment (i.e. must still have replaceable power source)
o Ability to recharge the power supply without removal (i.e. charging cable) is acceptable but not required, and shall not be the sole source of power replenishment (i.e. must still have replaceable power source)

o Shall not be larger than necessary to provide a clear aiming view
? Forward most edge of viewing window must be at least 3/8” behind top of ejection port to reduce likelihood of obscuring by hot gas or debris
? Sides must not protrude more than 1/16th” on either side of the slide when mounted
? Height must not be greater than 1 1/4th” when mounted, measured from the top most flat portion of the slide, not including sights
o Weight shall not interfere with consistent and reliable cycle of operations on the handgun
o Window(s) or viewing area of device, if applicable, shall be of sufficient size to allow clear and rapid acquisition of reticle, without impeding clear view of target

Industry responses are required by than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020. See for details. SAMS is the replacement for FBO. It is a trainwreck, so if the link doesn’t work, search for ‘aiming.’

15 Responses to “CBP Seeks Service Handgun Electronic Aiming Device for New Glock Pistols”

  1. Joe_K says:

    This is the way. The MOS should be called the POS. It’s telling a major LE Agency is bypassing Glocks perfection and requiring a direct fit optic.

    • Alex says:

      The first bullet under mounting says “Shall be capable of mounting directly and securely to GLOCK model G47 and G19 MOS-configured handguns.” They want an optic that mounts to MOS rather than a dovetail mount.

      • Jake says:

        o Shall mount to the handgun slide MOS-cut directly, without the use of adaptor plates.

        • Bo says:

          How is that even accomplished? MOS Glocks require the use of plates…? I’m obviously missing something.

          • Tcba_joe says:

            Basically they want optics manufacturers to build an optic that will direct fit to the MOS footprint bypassing the plate. That doesn’t exist currently, but it’s not a huge design issue and I’m surprised it hasn’t been done yet.

  2. D. says:

    The G47 is just a 5th gen G34 MOS. Change my mind.

    • Jake says:

      It’s still a 17-length slide but on a frame with a 19-length dust cover. This gives a slide overhang that appears similar to the 34 but is in fact still a 17. The big deal with the 47 is that it uses 19 RSA and frames.

      • Nick says:

        ^This. If the 47 slide is ever sold as a stand-alone to the commercial market, I bet that it will sell very well. It’s a very big (and cool) deal.

        • Jake says:

          I can’t speak to commercial sales, although it would allow the ability for a 19L that people seem to be clamoring for. From an organization standpoint this streamlines maintenance. I’m surprised Glock hasn’t done this sooner, considering how many big entities use a range of their products.

          • Mike says:

            Brownells sells one of their own 19L slides. 17 size for a 19 frame. I have one and it’s nice, but requires their own barrel, so regular 17 barrels don’t work with that particular slide.

    • Chus says:

      It’s more like a g45 frame and not a G34 frame.

  3. Jeff S says:

    And how many of these will CBP actually purchase? I doubt the run of the mill agent or officer is going to be allowed to use these… Is it even worth the hassle to go and design something brand new for them to purchase a few thousand so that special teams can field these? Save some money and go the COTS route for organizational purchases. I love ya LESC, but this is getting goofy.

    • Mike Smith says:

      Why wouldn’t they give them to regular agents? They need them maybe more than special ops, since they are more likely to not have a rifle when they get into a gunfight.

  4. Larry A says:

    I see some interesting things coming out of this. Direct mount to the slide. Glock is either going to build their own sight or every manufacturer is going to go with a standard “glock” attachment pattern. Cuz Glock….. I see magnetic induction charging for the batteries. And they will be top loading batteries. Also I see an opportunity for replacement front and rear sights or as I said Glock will build the only sight that will work on their gun. Licensing technology from Trijicon or a partnership.