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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Strandhogg MBAV Cut

Today we are getting a closer look at one of FirstSpear’s flag ship body armor systems, the Strandhögg MBAV cut plate carrier. The Strandhögg is a full featured vest that incorporates FirstSpear patented 6/12™ Laser Fused Platform and patented Tubes™ Rapid-Release buckle system. The MBAV cut is identical to the SAPI cut Strandhögg except for the top part of the plate bag was designed to accommodate a wider variety of ballistic plates and soft armor coverage options allowing the user to choose which cut is best for them.

The Strandhögg comes standard with the popular overlap cummerbund that will accept soft armor, side plates, and hook backed pockets on the body side of the cummerbund. Enjoy fast drying comfort padding in the shoulders, front and back plate bags with a built in channel and anti-microbial mesh to help direct airflow and keep the operator cool. Premium USA construction with top of the line materials and manufacturing innovations all designed to increase the lethality and survivability of the operator.

100% American Made with US Materials (Berry Compliant). In-stock and now shipping in black, ranger green, Multicam, and coyote.


6 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Strandhogg MBAV Cut”

  1. res51cue says:

    Would anyone know the original purpose of the loop field on top of the front and back inner padding?

    • rlb0311 says:

      When scaling up the armor system with the MASS collar/shoulder/deltoid/ neck protector etc. the loop is just the surface area to connect those accessories

  2. reader says:

    Is that velcro on the inside (upper chest and shoulder, 3rd photo)?

  3. BoMo says:

    Does anyone here prefer the Mbav cut over the sapi cut? I have multiple plate configurations and I’d like to get just one carrier to rule them all if possible.

    • Jordan Brennert says:

      I have the SAPI cut version but strictly use SAPI cut plates. The difference lies in the 45* cut on the SAPI version. It will take all shooter and swimmer cut plates but the MBAV version has a more flatter plate bag at the top as you can see, meant for *duh* MBAV plates. But MBAV plates are wider, so I am sure that it can fit plates up to XLSAPI size and anything that would fit in a basic IOTV.

      The good thing though is that both the SAPI and MBAV Strandhoggs are elastic on the platebags, inside and out, and can stretch and retract depending on minor differences in plate dimensions.