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ATLANTIC SIGNAL Receives Order for Custom Tactical Communication Systems from ATF Special Response Teams

Atlantic Signal recently received a significant order from the BATF Special Response Teams for 440 custom tactical communication systems.

Having been a long-time customer, the ATF Special Response Teams once again turned to Atlantic Signal to address their newest tactical comms requirements. The ATF had updated radios and helmets and, as a result, needed to address those updates with communications gear that worked with both the new radios and helmets. Further, the selection of the company’s new VIPER 1 push-to-talk, gives the Bureau the flexibility to add more capabilities in the future including additional/different radio models, vehicle and aircraft intercom communications, smartphone integration, radio cross-banding and chat programs.

The Bureau chose two push-to-talk solutions; the company’s popular single comm Invictus push-to-talk with hard-wired Motorola APX coiled cable as well as the previously mentioned VIPER 1 PTT including plug and play APX radio cables.

Head worn systems ordered include the exclusive Atlantic Signal 3M/Peltor ComTac V headset in Olive Drab featuring an ambidextrous, noise canceling boom microphone, over-the-head removeable band & Team Wendy EXFIL helmet mounts with quick release back plate. The ComTac V is the next generation Peltor ComTac headset featuring an Atlantic Signal custom manufactured downlead cable with PTT interface. The Bureau also ordered both single and dual comm Atlantic Signal Lo-Vis R23 kits. The kits were designed for use as a ruggedized upgrade to the traditional 2 and 3 wire kits traditionally used by law enforcement. Both kits can be used with both push-to-talks purchased. The dual comm/dual ear Lo-Vis kit can be connected to the company’s single comm Invictus PTT, allowing the end-user to receive incoming radio comms in both ears. The same Lo-Vis kit can be connected to the VIPER 1 PTT and when a single radio is connected, the end user will receive incoming radio transmissions in both ears and when two radios are connected to the VIPER 1PTT, the incoming audio will automatically be split (right worn radio in right ear / left worn radio in left ear).  

“It is a privilege to have the continued trust of the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms Special Response Teams. The ATF has been purchasing from us going all the way back to the 1990s. Obviously their communication needs have changed dramatically over the past 25 years that we’ve been doing business with them and we have worked tirelessly to keep up with their ever-changing requirements, just as we have with literally thousands of other customers. At this crucial and unprecedented time in our nation’s history, it is truly an honor to have the continued trust of this Federal Law Enforcement agency. We will continue to strive to meet their expectations throughout the coming years,” stated Randall Hedrick, President and Managing General Partner of Atlantic Signal.

Atlantic Signal is based out of Topeka, KS where they develop, design, manufacture and sell tactical communications and accessories. The company started in 1989 with a focus on tactical law enforcement (the company was then known as New Eagle International). Today, thirty-one years later, the company’s clients include US Customs and Border Patrol, Naval Special Warfare, NYPD ESU, DEA, MARSOC, US ARMY, US Marine Corps, AFSOC, US Coast Guard and US Secret Service among thousands of military and law enforcement clients around the world.

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