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Thyrm Introduces the CellVault-18

Sunnyvale, CA — Not long ago, the best tactical lights were fueled by CR123 batteries. We were all generally happy with 600 lumens and an extra budget line item for disposable cells. But in the last couple years that has changed completely. Enter the latest 18650 and 18350 rechargeable batteries, generating huge lumen and candela numbers in SureFire, Modlite, & Streamlight flashlights. To keep up with these lights, Thyrm has developed a next-generation CellVault that can protect 18-series spare batteries while keeping them immediately accessible.

From Andrew Frazier, CEO of Thyrm: “The new CellVault-18 includes features we know our customers are going to love, like side windows that help them verify gear status, a metal locking latch, and fully waterproof double-layer construction. We’re really proud of how the design came together and can’t wait to get them in the hands of first-responders and outdoor enthusiasts alike.”

• Holds One 18650 or Two 18350 Rechargeable Batteries
• Waterproof O-ring seal rated to IPX8 at 2 meters for 30+ minutes
• Folding metal latch for simple installation and positive attachment
• Silicone foam shock absorber/noise silencer
• Clear side windows allow for gear status checks
• Slim profile: less than 1 MOLLE/PALS column wide for easy integration into existing gear configurations.
• Designed and manufactured in the USA


6 Responses to “Thyrm Introduces the CellVault-18”

  1. Chuck Mack says:

    Mod-Lite ? What is that ?

  2. Geoff says:

    I’m not sure about the windows. With all the colors batteries come in, maybe it’s better not to have a flash of red mixed into camo? Maybe I’m over thinking it.

    • Andrew from Thyrm here. Fully appreciate your concern. For the absolute lowest profile you’d probably want to rattle can the windows. But for a lot of people, they don’t provide any more visual signature that other items like comms/nav gear or optics. We put them on the side because often the CellVaults are nestled in between other pouches, meaning only the user can get a viewing angle on the window. Thanks for bringing it up!

    • Mike says:

      If someone is close enough to see your colored batteries, you’ve already got bigger problems to deal with.