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FirstSpear Friday Focus: Assaulter’s Gun Belt

This week’s focus is FirstSpear’s Assaulter’s Gun Belt (AGB). It’s a versatile belt designed to handle tough situations. Accessed through a two-point, high strength metallic buckle, the AGB is strong enough for you to facilitate combat-equipped buddy drags. It can integrate with the AGB Padded Sleeve to provide more comfort and provide you with additional 6/12 attachment points. FS also offers AGB point pads, deluxe suspenders and 6/9 belt links that can be purchase separately.

• Belt Width: 1.75”
• Buckle Width: 2”
• Integrates with the AGB Padded Sleeve
• Accommodates multiple FS components
• Completely removable buckle
• Compatible with Base Belt or Base Belt Lite when used with the AGB Sleeve

It’s a phenomenally rigid and surprisingly comfortable piece of first line gear.

“I’ll be honest, my old belt sucked and I wanted a replacement. A friend of mine kept plugging First Spear and I’m glad I listened to his suggestion. This belt is incredibly rigid and has served me well as an EDC belt as well as a full on stand-alone load bearing platform. Handles any and all things I’ve slapped on it and more with ease. I’m planning on purchasing another along with an AGB padded sleeve so I don’t have to pick between using the AGB as a standalone and having it set up as a fully dedicated battle belt. Why choose when you can have both? Compared to other belts I’ve used this belt is both much more rigid and surprisingly comfortable. I would not hesitate to replace this belt with an identical one, or to recommend First Spear products to any of my buddies. Top of the line, no compromise gear. Will be buying from you guys again.”
—Online Review

It can also accommodate many different FirstSpear components that will help optimize it for the full spectrum of tactical and discretionary operations. The buckle is completely removable from the belt for routing through smaller pant belt loops.

*This AGB is setup with the FS SSV Holster, AGB padded sleeve—sold separately*

Now available in black, khaki and MultiCam.

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5 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus: Assaulter’s Gun Belt”

  1. Jeremy says:

    First Spear gear is second to none. I prefer a gear company that acts like a professional store and keeps quality products in stock opposed to a hypebeast streetwear company with limited drops and zero product. Plus their customer service is top notch, keep up the good work guys!

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Been using this belt for open carry since 2012. Used it daily during a 7 month rotation to OEF. It’s my current range belt unless I’m training CCH skills. For a minimalist approach to carrying it is the way to go, for me.