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Invisio Law Enforcement Kit

INVISIO builds on the experience from working with elite forces within the military when serving special intervention units resolving high risk challenges such as counter terror, hostage recovery, VIP protection, site protection during special events and assistance to other police departments fighting organized crime.


INVISIO over-the-ear hearing protection headsets offer a significant improvement compared to the traditional cup headset design, as it removes weight and complexity from the headset by centralizing operation of the headset to the INVISIO control unit.

• Over-the-Ear Headset
• Hearing Protection 28 dB SNR
• Boom Microphone
• 10 Meter Submersible
• Dual Sided
• 350 Grams
• Tan or Black


INVISIO in-the-ear headsets are compatible with helmets, eyewear, breathing apparatus and ear muffs. They utilize the INVISIO Bone Conducting Technology where vibrations from the user’s jawbone are converted into crystal clear communication.

• In-Ear Headset
• Hearing Protection (32 dB SNR/29 dB NRR)
• Bone Conduction Microphone
• 2 Meter Submersible
• Dual Sided
• 54 Grams
• Tan or Black

INVISIO Control Units

The INVISIO system is based on a range of control units and headsets that are fully interchangeable. Together they provide crystal clear communication and industry leading hearing protection and situational awareness.

The control units can interface with various headsets along with up to four com sources simultaneously, including radios, intercoms, mobile phones and computers. They start automatically when connected to a radio and provide a simple interface for operation of different coms and hear-thru modes.

The control units are small, rugged, lightweight and submersible down to 20 meters. They power directly form the attached radio, intercom or other central power supply.


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  1. Marcus says:

    Are any of the Invisio products available now that I’m in Civilianland?