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Fort Bragg Warfighter 21 – Matbock Soteria Belt & Cage

This is a sneak peek of the new Soteria Belt & Cage from Matbock.

The Soteria belt is a system consisting of rigger-style Belt, Ghost material underbelt, and Cage.

The Soteria Cage is a hardened Kydex belt adapter which slides on to the belt offering PALS compatibility. It allows the user to quickly reconfigure his first-line belt for different missions without having to take it all apart and reassemble. The Loadout is configured on the Cage which then slides on the Belt.

It can also be configured with Soteria Leg Loops and Lanyard to make it hoist ready.

Units and agencies can procure Matbock products by contacting ADS Inc.

2 Responses to “Fort Bragg Warfighter 21 – Matbock Soteria Belt & Cage”

  1. Chuck says:

    This company is simplicity at its best. Their designs are almost bomb proof and easily field repairable in the rarest of circumstances where they have had issues. So happy for their continued successes.

  2. Ray forest says:

    Something unique!