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Fort Bragg Warfighter 21 – Therm-a-rest Neoair Micro Pump

The Neoair Micro Pump is a pocket sized battery powered air pump to inflate a Therm-a-rest pad. It will also deflate the pad when you’re done using it. It weighs just 2.3 oz and that’s with two AAA batteries.

Units and agencies can procure Therm-a-rest products by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

2 Responses to “Fort Bragg Warfighter 21 – Therm-a-rest Neoair Micro Pump”

  1. M Peters says:

    Nice! Try blowing up an air mattress at 11,000 feet, when it ain’t the first thing ya did upon arrival.

  2. LGonSS says:

    Would love to see how durable that switch is over a year or two of being in one of my bags.

    Also, developing 3d printed adapter to work with other brands?