UF PRO Introduces Tough-as-Nails Yet Ultra-Comfortable Striker X Combat Shirt to Meet Demanding Needs of Military Operatives

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (6 April 2021)—UF PRO today announced the addition of a lighter weight, higher strength, greater comfort, and all-around better performing combat shirt to its acclaimed Striker X range of tactical clothing. The Striker X Combat Shirt—designed expressly to meet the bruising needs of military operatives—is set to become available on 21 April.

“Our Striker X Combat Shirt is innovative on multiple levels,” Wagner asserted, noting that—for starters—the garment makes use of two novel types of fabric.

“The upper torso and sleeves employ the new NyCo Extreme material in MultiCam, while the lower torso consists of Lizard/Skin, which is an innovative, highly stretchable Lyocell-polyamide fabric overlaid with ceramic dots,” he said.

“Together, this construction results in a no-melt/no-drip garment that is extremely comfortable but incredibly rugged—able to withstand the kind of punishment that military operators routinely dish out,” Wagner added.

Other impressive properties of the Striker X Combat Shirt include:

·         Enhanced breathability
·         Fast drying times
·         Superior resistance to abrasion from plate carriers and other toted gear
·         Exceptional functionality
·         Extended life 

Wagner said the Striker X Combat Shirt improves on the design of the Striker XT Gen.2 by adding air-permeable padding to the area where the garment drapes over the wearer’s pelvic crest.

“This helps ensure that hips don’t become irritated from having a gear-laden belt on all day,” he explained.

Another improvement is the Striker X Combat Shirt’s three-level collar closure system. This, said Wagner, allows wearers to choose how much of their neck to expose to the open air.

“Some will want the collar fully open for maximum ventilation, others will want it fully closed for combat-readiness, and still others will want it in between to smarten their look,” Wagner offered.

He mentioned that increased ventilation is also possible by unfastening the openings located in the upper sleeves—one more improvement made to the shirt.

“These openings are strategically positioned to deliver a cooling airflow that helps keep wearers’ core temperature right where it’s supposed to be so that they can stay on top of their game rather than wilting from excess heat buildup and consequently losing their mental focus,” he said.

Wearer protection is increased as well, Wagner revealed. Specifically, the Striker X Combat Shirt at its elbows features anatomically shaped pockets designed to receive UF PRO Flex-Elbow Pads.

UF PRO said it plans to make the Striker X Combat Shirt available in four camouflage patterns/colour schemes: MultiCam; Brown Grey; Flecktarn; and Steel Grey.

The garment is expected to retail for 129€.

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9 Responses to “UF PRO Introduces Tough-as-Nails Yet Ultra-Comfortable Striker X Combat Shirt to Meet Demanding Needs of Military Operatives”

  1. I’m a fan of older versions, the shoulder padding in particular being pretty baller. Sneaking in pads on the hips make sense for those wanting to wear less padded battle belts.

    • James says:

      Adding them to the shirt rather than the pants is genius! Zero worries about moving ,bunching, and folding by being independent of the load, might make a good case for a shirt garter system to anchor it further.

  2. miclo18d says:

    What is a “military operative”?

    Do they mean: soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen?

    Asking for a confused friend.

  3. LowSpeed says:

    If you’re thinking about it just do it. Buy em’ immediately when they’re available. Been using the original version for a few years and the shoulders on em are game-changers (it’s the little things man!) under any load. If you don’t want the shoulder cushioning they come out easily. The breathability is stellar and you could comfortably go weeks without cleaning em if you’re in such a circumstance. Unlike most popular combat shirts the zipper didn’t dig into my body when worn under a Plate Carrier which is nice. I can’t tell if there is a zipper on the new version but the placket potentially hiding it reassures me even more. Shipping is fast and their customer service is great if you need help or want to return/exchange.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      I just checked the product detail photos on their website. There is no zipper on the chest at all – just a fold-over placket with Velcro tabs. 🙂

    • Sunny says:

      Im sorry but I have to disagree on every level. The Striker XT Shirts are awful. The fibre blend always feels damp/wet, never dries completly, is sticking to the skin, smells like you are on a trip for 7 days after doing 12hours of excercise with it. The shoulder pads worth NOTHING! I dont know your plate carrier or backpack, but everything that weighs more than 5kg flattens the pads, so they are just an uncomfortable mesh beeing pushed into your skin, decreasing surface area and increasing skin irretations. The RAL7013 Version had like “blueish” velcro, looking awful. The UF Pro Shirt had 2 good features: The bite tabs for the zippers, which I love, and the Merino Mesh under the armpits. Its some quite sensible material, but its an awesome material blend no one else offers! Also, there was nether some “Striker HT” Shirt released, like with the Trousers. More Mesh and ventilation would have done wonders to the Striker XT shirt, as I could proof to you by the custom Striker “HT Prototype” Shirt I got that has this cool UF Pro Merino Mesh added in the arm pockets. Its like day and night, and I would never touch a regular “Striker XT” Shirt anymore compared to my “Striker HT Prototype”. Long Story short: If you want ceramic pads as the “newest and coolest” gadget, you could have bought the Source Tactical Combat Clothing that was released a few months back. So, all I can see that is really new and unique with this shirt would be the palvic cushion. Yet, I will never buy any UF Pro item online anymore but only after inspecting it in person and feeling the materials used. Quite weird, its the only brand I handle like this. BTW: Wearing the Arc Teryx LEAF Gen 1. and the FirstSpear Field Shirt ACM 100 Merino – and heck, these two are reaaaaaaallly comfortable shirts!

    • Sunny says:

      BTW: Some 3mm or 5mm YKK Zipper is nothing uncomfortable worn under a plate carrier. The UR Tactical / OPS Tactical Shirts are an excellent example for this: While beeing a chinese brand, they only use genuie materials and they do not make replicas of other designs but they designed their own shirt and pant. The Pant is great by the way, offering Cordura Fabric as protection ontop of the elastic material around the knee area – like a reenforced Crye G3. But back to the topic: They offer a combat shirt with Zipper over the entire length. I have worn this in the middle east under a plate carrier for a full season, and it wasnt uncomfortable at all. The Zipper is so small, that you can not feel it. I quite miss that design to be honest and would instantly upgrade to a combat shirt with zipper again: I dont know about any IEDs and burning aeorsols “pushing” the zipper into your skin or such “urban myths” exaggerated to the most extreme, but to me it was the most simply doon/dooff which I quite miss since than with all the other Crye/ArcTeryx/FirstSpear/UFPro/Patagonia Shirts I got!

  4. Asinine Name says:

    I have no use for one, but that is some shirt!