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Vertx Launches Two New Packs In Growing Concealed Carry Bag Line

Kesher Pack and Contingency Carry-On Roller Ideally Suited for Your Next Assignment or Sabbatical

Cincinnati, Ohio – Vertx®, a leading manufacturer of concealed carry bags and packs, announced today the addition of the Kesher Pack and Contingency Carry-On Roller to its low-vis line. On the road or in the office, the Kesher and Carry-On Roller contain all the necessary tactical features in packages that are work and travel appropriate. Both the Kesher Pack and Contingency Carry-On Roller are now available online at vertx.com and in-store. Customers can find their nearest dealer using the Vertx® store locator at vertx.com/store-locator.

Kesher Pack in It’s Black

“Blending in requires wearing and carrying gear that’s right for your environment,” said Denny Bogard, GM/VP of Vertx. “When it comes to work and travel it can be hard to find a bag that’s appropriate in those settings with all the functionality you need. We’ve designed our Kesher Pack and Contingency Carry-On Roller with that in mind.”

The Kesher Pack is a modern option for those who need to stay prepared in a professional setting. The pack’s genuine leather accents make for an urban look ready for any street assignment while maintaining an office-appropriate silhouette. Constructed using Vertx® DNA, like the Rapid Access Pull-Tab, molded back panel and armor compatible weapon compartment, the Kesher can carry all the tools of the job and then some.

On the other hand, the Contingency Carry-On Roller is built for on-the-road missions. Its two-in-one design provides plenty of storage for extra items picked up along the way or separating out clean and dirty laundry on longer trips. Inside, the Carry-On Roller is loop-lined for hook-sided accessories, like Tactigami, for unlimited organizational options. Outside, it’s built to withstand even the roughest of travel days. The Carry-On Roller is constructed with a wipe-clean, water resistant PU fabric and durable polycarbonate pan to resist wear and tear from both the weather and rough handling. Weekend or weeklong, the Contingency Carry-On Roller is a dependable travel companion.

The Kesher Pack and Contingency Carry-On Roller provide the features you depend on for work and travel while maintain your low visual profile. The Kesher is available in It’s Black and Grizzly Shade and the Carry-On Roller in Griffin, Galaxy Black. They retail for $289.99 MSRP and $299.99 MSRP respectively, online and in store. Learn more about the Kesher Pack, the Contingency Carry-On Roller and the rest of the Vertx® bag line at vertx.com.

4 Responses to “Vertx Launches Two New Packs In Growing Concealed Carry Bag Line”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    These “low-profile” bags and garments are a good idea, however I think they and other items will be (already are?) compromised by being loaded into some variant of “Facial recognition software” and will be pinged for CCTV movement tracking/back-tracking in our increasingly Orwellian world. Purpose built and marketed “grey” gear will not be grey enough – in fact, it may stand out like a neon sign!

    • LowSpeed says:

      True…Perhaps if you’re dealing with State-level actors, especially near-peer, who are using more biometrics and more likely to notice this stuff but for some folks at dealing with unsophisticated threats this’ll do…then again so will simply carrying a regular ole bag of most brands that make durable luggage/clothing.

      At the end of the day the definition is of “low profile” depends on where you’re at and what is considered normal. For example, Kuhl and Salamons might stick out in Muscat, Oman where a plainclothes cop in Golden, Colorado might fit right in with everyone/everything else.

      Thankfully, most people who aren’t up to something are woefully unaware of their surroundings or the people around them anyway. If someone is concerned about an adversary who is likely to key in to gear like this then the smart course of action for that assignment or duty day would be wearing/carrying something that that threat is less likely to notice.

      Gotta keep in mind, low profile goes beyond mere appearance and also includes the appropriate behaviors for the area.

  2. BigSargeVQ65W says:

    Real folks wear clothes and brands not listed on one of these ‘pew pew’ websites.