Tiger Stripe Cierzo Suit Launches This Weekend


Flimmuur Tactical and TRC Outdoors are VERY excited to announce a product collaboration!

In parallel to Flimmuur’s current project of developing modern equipment and nylon goods in Tiger Stripe Camouflage, Flimmuur is collaborating with other brands to bring modern clothing products to market. To kick things off, we present the Tiger Stripe Cierzo Suit.

Flimmuur Tactical has long been a leader in innovative design for load bearing equipment particularly the use of laser-cut laminates.  Ed from Flimmuur is also well known for his encyclopaedic knowledge on all things camo.  TRC Outdoors are therefore very pleased to have been recognised by Flimmuur for our Cierzo Suit design, and invited to join in this collaboration.

Tiger Stripe Camouflage

The Tiger Stripe family of camouflage patterns has always been fascinating for Ed, since its phylogeny perfectly encapsulates the tumultuous period of world history that immediately followed the end of the Second War. During the First Indochina War of the 1950s, French forces and notably paratroopers were issued with TAP 47/52 uniforms in the tenue du leopard or Lizard pattern.

Emblematic of the winds of change, the failure of this French attempt to reassert their dominion gave way to the rise in geopolitical tensions of the Cold War.  By the early 60s, the Republic of Vietnam had started creating derivative camouflage patterns, re-using and adapting many brushstroke motifs that resulted in a marked familial resemblance to the earlier Lizard patterns.

Fearing the fall of successive countries to Communism (Domino Theory), increasing American intervention drove a demand for uniforms that were suitable for jungle warfare in humid climes. Many advisors sought out locally produced S?c R?n or striped uniforms of their local counterparts, which resulted in a flourishing cottage industry within Vietnam. In fact, Mom-and-Pop shops from nearby Thailand and Okinawa retooled to capitalise on such insatiable demand, reflecting the significant and oft-forgotten contributions of the wider South East Asia region to the war effort. Mirroring the evolutionary processes of the natural world, slight changes were incorporated into the Tiger Stripe family, resulting in the diversity of camouflage patterns, dyes and fabrics that we observe today.

With the passage of time, Tiger stripe continues to evolve and variants remain in service within Thai and Filipino forces, as a mark of elite status among their special units. Within Western units, Tiger Stripe and its desert variants have re-emerged in Afghanistan; its legacy lives on, with operators from the US 5th Special Forces Group pictured in such uniforms on a recent exercise.

Whilst fabric and manufacturing technologies have come leaps and bounds, it is his intention that the spirit, sacrifices and history of our forefathers can be preserved. To this end, Ed of Flimmuur Tactical has dedicated a lot of time and effort in recreating a classic Tiger Stripe pattern, based on a period artifact. Who knows, Gold Tiger Stripe and French Lizard may be in the works for future projects.

Cierzo Products

Cierzo Shirts are born out of a garment staple used by British SF and Airborne Forces throughout the BCE (before Crye existed) era, falling out of fashion during the GWOT.

The first mention of them we have found was as garments made by SAS Troopers from their parachutes after they had dropped into France prior to D-Day.

TRC Outdoors resurrected them and bought them up to date with modern fabric, a few design tweaks and modern construction techniques.

The garment is meant to be used as a windproof outer layer or as an intermediate layer.  They can even be worn under a damp outer layer while it dries out.  Cierzos punch well above their weight in terms of the warmth they offer, especially in windy conditions and mountainous terrain.  They also excel for use in the Jungle in Wet/Dry drills due to the compact size of the garment and waterproof bag.

Offered here as an individual Shirt or Suit set, which consists of Shirt and Trousers. The Dry Bag can be purchased separately, but is offered as a discount, when purchased with the Suit.



Dry Bag:

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