Warrior East 21 – Sneak Peek Vertx Walker Medical Pouch and Kit

Vertx’s upcoming Walker Medical kit is contained in the Walker Medical Pouch which was developed with Warrior Innovations LLC. However, the contents of the kit are provided by Phokus Research Group.

Both the pouch and full kit will be offered in Small and Medium versions.

The pouch features a Belt sleeve for mounting and two pull handles at the top as well as a shock cord for Tourniquet mounting. Medical tape can be secured via one of two hook and loop tapes. The insert folds open to reveal two internal pockets which are secured with color-coded shock cord retention (red for bleeding, blue for cardiovascular and green for airways) for faster identification of necessary supplies.

Please note, the full kit will only be offered via direct sale at Vertx.

Units and agencies can procure Vertx products shown during Warrior East by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

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