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Blackhawk Releases Foundation Series Tac Nylon Gear

Lightweight Plate Carriers, Chest Rigs and More Offer Unmatched Durability

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – September 2, 2021 – Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, has announced the introduction of its new Foundation Series Tac Nylon gear, offering more modular capabilities, stronger construction and lighter weight than the typical ballistic nylon gear found on the market.

At the core of the Foundation Series is a durable nylon laminate material and a low-profile, laser-cut design. This delivers one of the lightest plate carriers available without sacrificing durability. This suite of tactical gear is also designed for increased comfort thanks to adjustable straps and elastic construction.

The Foundation Series is exceptionally modular, allowing users to customize their setup with whatever gear they need. Integrated MOLLE backers or “tuck straps” are laser cut into the material rather than sewn on, which, combined with the system’s polymer stiffeners, gives users a stronger attachment system for their pouches and other equipment.

“Everyone’s always heard that you can’t achieve success without a solid foundation, and that was certainly an inspiration for our new Foundation Series,” said Nick Ferros, Tactical Product Manager for Blackhawk. “Our latest offering provides limitless customizable options for all levels of shooters who take their gear and training seriously. With its elite modularity, quality and comfort, the Foundation Series is definitely in a class of its own.”

Foundational to the series are the chest rig, gun belts, as well as the Small/Medium and Large plate carriers. Each Foundation placard (sold separately) has side loops for fast attaching split bar buckles, which not only allows for quickly swapping out placards, but also helps pull the chest rig to the body, keeping it secure when users are on the move. The Foundation Series Chest Rig features low-profile shoulder straps paired with an adjustable waist strap to accommodate a wide range of body types.

The Foundation Series Plate Carrier is just as flexible, adaptable and lightweight. It features a four-inch elastic cummerbund that accommodates magazines, tourniquets, radios and other accessories. Four-way stretch material on the interior accommodates multiple plate thicknesses and a one-piece exterior panel naturally pulls the plates against a user’s body. The same placard mounting interface on the plate carrier mirrors that on the chest rig, allowing users to rapidly move essentials between the two.

Offering a complete collection of tactical gear, the Foundation Series includes MOLLE and first responder placards, MOLLE belts, magazine and utility pouches, and more. Lightweight, low-profile and comfortable, the Foundation Series Gunbelt provides a secure all-day platform that’s perfect for professional use or active range training. The interior surface is sewn with a male hook that mates perfectly to the Foundation Inner Belt. In addition, Foundation Series Mag Pouches are available to fit a variety of AR15/M4 style, SR25/AR10 style, and common pistol magazines. They are designed to easily attach to any of the Foundation Series platforms and conform to the body of the magazines or other similarly sized items for a secure fit in a lightweight and slim package. Another popular addition is the Foundation Series IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit). This must-have pouch features a QASM surface bucket to hold first aid essentials securely while offering ambidextrous/one-handed access. Once deployed, the internal pouch lays flat or can be hung for easy access.

From its breadth of options and modularity to its light weight, durability and comfort, the Foundation Series is a premier solution for individual law enforcement officers and the tactical enthusiast that take their training seriously.

The Foundation Series chest rig platform (placard not included) has an MSRP of $54.95. Plate carriers have an MSRP of $149.95 and will be available in late 2021. Additionally, the Foundation Series can be purchased in a full bundle or pouch bundle. To learn more and to see the full lineup of Foundation Series pieces, head to

3 Responses to “Blackhawk Releases Foundation Series Tac Nylon Gear”

  1. Stickman says:

    I like the idea of lower weight, but honestly its still the level of comfort a carrier gives that is ultimately the most important thing for me. A few ounces less is negated with heavy plates, or additional gear.

    When I teach classes, one of the things gone over is what is actually needed and what isn’t actually essential. If the weight saved is 2 pair of flex cuffs, its not a big deal. If its the weight of 2 sets of hinged cuffs, its a huge deal.

    Each mission is going to drive the need, or lack of need for various equipment, which is something I think we all understand. Living in armor and comfort are two different things. If this carrier retains comfort (as comfortable as you get in hard armor), it sounds great, especially at that price point.

    I await the responses from guys who have tried this gear for extended periods.

  2. TruthBomber says:

    Made in Vietnam… looks like it.