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Rampart Range Day 21 – Aussie Peelback MED Plate

Aussie Peelback is a small, Canadian Veteran owned business. They displayed their Medical Equipment Deployment Plate, a platform for mounting Individual First Aid Kit components behind the hard plate of your armor vest.

Components are attached to the panel via Velcro and it features a single pull lanyard so it can be easily deployed.

The Med Plate features embossed aide memoire and component list.

The panel itself is Orange for high visibility when you need to identify the items and can be written on with a grease pencil.

They also offer a MED SKIN which is a neoprene cover for the MED Plate.

Aussie Peelback products are available for unit and agency orders within Canada from Rampart International.

2 Responses to “Rampart Range Day 21 – Aussie Peelback MED Plate”

  1. Seamus says:

    Not sure I am a fan of the contents not being enclosed in a case. Phokus Research makes something that is nearly identical and their is in a clear, SAPI shaped heavy duty plastic case. The case has a pull tab and to be honest, it was seriously needed as IFAKs that are squeezed into carriers designed to only hold plates are pretty darn tough to get out. Also I am not sold it is easily done one-handed. I guess it really depends on what carrier you have.

  2. Glen says:

    The biggest flaw with all of these kits is the excess layers of packaging! When your World goes to crap it doesn’t matter how good your training is the first time you need to use this gear you’ll be shaking and quivering like a total sheet! Let’s see you open all these little packets of goodness and apply them while you or your buddy are bleeding out! You’ve got thirty seconds……………… READY SET GO!