AUSA 21 – Safran Optics 1 SLAM D

Safran Optics 1’s Small Lightweight Acquisition Marker Designator (SLAM D) fills the role of multiple battlefield devices; a tripod-mountable high-power designator, a high-power NIR pointer with pulse feature, a see-spot observation device with laser spot tracking and PRF code counting, and a handheld laser acquisition marker. Designed for one handed operation, it was envisioned to safely designate a target at 5 km but in testing they have performed out past 8 km.

SLAM Dā€™s high-performance Asynchronous Laser Pulse Detection SWIR camera core detects, tracks and brackets laser energy while deciphering up to three laser PRF codes simultaneously.

SLAM D serves as a STANAG 3733 compliant laser device, filling the role of long- range designation and LGB hosting during TGO. The user can program up to three different PRF code presets to allow the user to quickly cycle between codes to designate for different CAS aircraft, or set the code on the fly when an air weapons team checks on station unexpectedly.

Above, you can see the bottom of the SLAM D which gives a better view of the controls and tripod mount.

Additionally, Safran Optics 1 donated $10,000 today to Fisher House which provides housing for military families receiving medical care at major military and veteran medical care facilities.

Seen above are (l-r) Bob Lachance, VP Business Development at Safran Optics 1; COL Walt Kennedy (USA, Ret), Director, Business Development of Safran Optics 1; Marshall Banks, Director of Community Relations at Fisher House Foundation; Joseph Bogosian, President and CEO of Safran Optics 1.

Mr Banks said that they have just opened House number 92 and 93 cents of every Dollar donated goes toward the program. Visitors stays for free while family members receive medical treatment.

You can join in Safran Optics 1 in giving to Fisher House by following this link.

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