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Sig Sauer Not Exhibiting at SHOT Show

Sig Sauer SHOT Show Announcement

SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to be an ardent supporter of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and leads the industry in support of the organization and its’ mission to promote, protect, and preserve the hunting and shooting sports. 

Each January, NSSF hosts SHOT Show – the industry’s premier tradeshow.  As a strong supporter of NSSF, and an industry leading manufacturer, SIG has maintained a very large presence at SHOT Show and we continually grow our support for the organization, and our show presence, year after year. However, after thoughtful consideration, deliberation and a review of current circumstances, SIG SAUER has made the decision to not exhibit at the upcoming 2022 SHOT Show and will alternatively be making a $500,000 donation to NSSF to support both its mission and ongoing critical support of our industry.

For over 30 years SIG SAUER has attended SHOT Show, and we did not come to this decision without much thoughtful deliberation.  Our number one priority throughout the pandemic has been, and will remain, our employees.  SIG SAUER has an extremely large presence at SHOT Show sending over 140 employees to the show and our pre-show Range Day event.  Maintaining this presence, or even a scaled back minimum presence for 2022, represents a significant health risk to all 2,600 of our employees across our 13 U.S. locations, as individuals attending the show return to our facilities and risk continued exposure to our entire employee base. 

Additionally, based on the circumstances as they are known to us today, it is incumbent upon us to review this decision from a financial perspective.  For the first time in many years, the SHOT Show space was redrafted, necessitating the need for a complete booth re-configuration and design.  Out of pocket expenses from this point forward will be well over $1 million and based on the uncertainty of large scale shows and events, this expense is not financially prudent.

In closing, SIG SAUER would like to once again note the important and essential work of the NSSF on behalf of our industry and reiterate our support for the organization and its mission.

14 Responses to “Sig Sauer Not Exhibiting at SHOT Show”

  1. jellydonut says:

    Hey SIG..

    You know this so-called “pandemic” is over, right?

  2. FDL says:

    Wonder if they’re still planning on sending sales force to NASGW

  3. Ground Pounder says:

    Good for you guys! The bigger issue is what is in the second to last paragraph. The backside support of the show staff forced a last minute, complete redesign of all of the large scale booths causing a massive ripple effect. They are citing staffing issues as the driver.

    • Jc says:

      That’s probably a big cause for heartburn, coupled with the fact that they probably don’t see this year’s show as actually driving sales. So potential risk, big expenses and limited upside (given that they’re selling as much as they can produce) why would they attend?

  4. Jeff S says:

    Oh… bummer.

    How will we all get to see yet another P320 variant get introduced?


  5. Marcus says:

    This is just a sage financial decision, nothing else. COVID has been used as a pretext for all kinds of hi jinx, irrespective of facts and actual circumstances. Unless the government of Nevada and Las Vegas would like to guarantee SHOT will happen uninterrupted, without the nonsensical garbage, I expect others to follow Sig’s lead.

    • Willis Bee says:

      Sig is at AUSA ? They did the ADS Warrior shows? Oh, I get it, Sig doesn’t want to see the public and hear about backorders from a dealer. That’s ok. They are a business. Sig does want big govt to know they are still capable of delivering contracts, following all CDC safety protocols. Hell, they announced this from AUSA, probably after meeting with Picatinny to let them know Next Gen Squad Weapon award in jeopardy if Covid outbreak occurred at manuf site. Wink wink. Gen Milley not at SHOT either. So, dry firing a 320 in their booth until a Sig rep gets fed up by giving me a “please leave” sticker or hat pin will be missed.

  6. Sasquatch says:

    Are we going to see a ripple effect of other companies following suit?

  7. Stickman says:

    The larger companies have been saying for years that SHOT Show isn’t worth the time and effort put into it. SHOT Vegas has priced themselves out of realistic usefulness.

    • GreeneMeanie says:

      Now that I think about it, I personally really haven’t followed Shot Show announcements/coverage very closely in the last few years. It seems like lately it’s mostly just big companies showing off what they already announced online anyway and other companies either showing off unicorn guns that will never make it to market or just more AR-15’s and/or glock mods.

  8. I don’t blame em, if the next ShotShow still happens it is going to be pretty neutered compared to the cost it takes to put up a mega booth like that and get the staff there.
    And considering I’ve gotten sick (as in a mean cold) at shotshow like 50% or more of the 10 times I’ve been, it seems like pushing the luck insisting this year has to happen.