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TacMed Tuesday – TacMed Solutions Foxtrot Litter Helps Save a Life

TacMed Solutions is a proud supporter of Cops Direct, a non-profit organization which helps supply law enforcement agencies in need with lifesaving first responder medical equipment. Part of the May 2021 Cops Direct allocation of equipment donations was to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department located in Athens, Alabama.

The equipment received is pictured with the agency personnel. On June 14th, the donation was received, and just two days later, they put a TacMed Solutions Foxtrot Litter into real-life use on a missing person/medical emergency call. The patient suffered a diabetic emergency and had been missing for three days when he was found off the beaten path in a heavily wooded area.

The Deputies utilized the Foxtrot Litter to get the patient back to the closest dirt road where they awaited EMS. We are thankful for the lifesaving actions of the Limestone County Deputies and are excited to continue to support Cops Direct. If you want to help us in supporting underfunded departments, make a donation and support the organization at copsdirect.org!

One Response to “TacMed Tuesday – TacMed Solutions Foxtrot Litter Helps Save a Life”

  1. James says:

    Good deal! Patient movement is right up there with bleeding control and mostly overlooked. Foxtrot setup with a hypothermia wrap and an ERS in the lid gives you a lot of capability.