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KGM Technologies Wins Their Largest Non-Military Contract from DOJ

KGM Technologies is a service-disabled veteran owned business, based out of Peachtree Corners, GA. KGM’s 42,000sqft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility focuses on cutting-edge technology innovation, research, development, and fabrication. KGM has become the largest weapon suppressor company in the US.

KGM Technologies, Norcross, Georgia, is being awarded a $3,900,000.00 single Fixed Price, Indefinite Delivery – Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) type contract for the production of sound suppressors. This contract provides for .308 small arms suppressors that will be used on the BPR (Bureau Pattern Rifle .308). Work will be performed in Norcross, Georgia. The single contract will have a 12 (twelve) month base period and four (4) potential one-year option periods. The United States Department of Justice, Quantico, Virginia, is contracting the activity.

The R30T is compatible with .223 Rem – 300 PRC/300NM and is optimized for 308 Win – 300 PRC/300NM Precision optimized with a complete titanium construction, the R30T includes a taper mounted muzzle device for mounting; this puts the overall length at 7.3” and weight at 13oz. Users can expect an average recoil reduction of 40%.

Available now for agency and commercial sales. The MSRP is $1199.

For more information please contact: govsales@kgm-tech.com


Or visit our website at www.kgm-tech.com

7 Responses to “KGM Technologies Wins Their Largest Non-Military Contract from DOJ”

  1. Lew Knopp says:

    KGM Team,

    Would love to R&D, support, or assist with NSW use-age or “eyes on” your product if inclined. We are crazy busy but just had a suppressor company trying to gain NSW market share play the game unscrupulously with us and we simply do not need them but house some premier shooters within our camp.

    No stress, just for your consideration and our precision instrument love.


    Lew Knopp, CEO
    Templar Titan, Inc.

    • Geoff says:

      Top notch company here. Best way to make a business approach….post it in the internet comments and privately in the email listed.

  2. Vet says:

    “KGM has become the largest weapon suppressor company in the US.” Haven’t heard much about KGM before and thought that Surefire, KAC and OSS were leading military suppressors companies in the U.S.

    • Kyle says:

      You are correct on the military side. This was a DOJ contract. Surefire still holds the record or maybe knights.

    • Vet says:

      Did some research, and looks like KGM used to make OEM suppressors for other companies before introducing their brand. The Sniper Hide has a good podcast on it, and the KGM person mentions they make around 20,000 suppressors per month.

      • MJ says:

        KGM is *still* oem for multiple known suppressor companies. You’d be hard pressed to find any company in the free world doing anything near the volume KGM is producing, let alone the quality… and they aren’t just a suppressor company.

        Their personal line brings in technology you don’t see incorporated anywhere else. I’ve gotten to shoot their cans and the recoil reduction and port tuning, in conjunction with the precision and sound, is a special offering. I doubt this will be the last time we hear them beat out big name players for big time contracts.

  3. Is this the same department of Justice that is now waging war on WE the people? What do they need with all these suppressors except to sneak up on us and murder us while they and the FBI create false flag events and squawk about non-existent right wing militias?