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Propex Furnishing Solutions Announces Launch of CURV Tactical — A Novel Polymer Composite Material Designed for Tactical Applications

HAZLEHURST, GA, Jan. 3, 2022 – Propex Furnishing Solutions (“PFS”) will unveil the world’s first, self-reinforced, 100% thermoplastic composite material for the tactical industry at S.H.O.T show this year. CURV Tactical®, the latest innovative composite material, is made of heat-compacted woven polymer layers and requires no additional support structure to maintain its strength or impact resistance. It’s strong, lightweight, temperature tolerant, impermeable, recyclable and aesthetic — boasting unrivaled customizability in the tactical industry.

CURV® has had tremendous success in the automotive, travel and sports industries protecting, stiffening and decreasing the weight of consumer ready products. PFS has already partnered with top brands like Teijin, Bauer, Garmin and more to transform the way their customers favorite products are made.

“PFS will continue to innovate and is ready to play an integral part in the development of next generation tactical equipment.” said Eric Teather, Vice President of Innovative Composites at PFS. “Our, soon-to-be announced, tactical partners are developing products that will speak for themselves and provide enhanced protection and malleability when compared to rival composites.”

CURV® can be used in anti-ballistic applications and in conjunction with puncture-resistant materials such as Aramid fiber. It can also be used as a stiffener in bags, backpacks, holsters, ballistic vests and more. Because of its unique mono-construction; CURV® can be sewn, glued, laser-cut or thermoformed for precise fitment. High stiffness, high tensile strength, superior impact resistance and malleability with extremely low density are all highlights of CURV Tactical®.

Propex Furnishing Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative composites and technical fabrics around the world. PFS has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany and Hungary; employing more than 1,000 people around the world. Since 2016, CURV® has enabled top-brands to create products that are stronger and lighter than ever before.

Those interested in learning more about CURV Tactical® can schedule a meeting with Geoff Senko by contacting geoff.senko@thomasgraeme.com or visiting us at SHOT Show 2022.

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  1. SwampyJ says:

    Does anyone know who makes the backpack? The lumbar support and pad / venting design look like they are well thought out.