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Freedom over Money … Froglube Decides Not To Attend SHOT Show 2022


It is with a degree of sadness that after 10 years of attendance, we have decided to end our presence at the annual National Shooting Sports Foundation SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, NV.

Since COVID struck in 2020, FrogLube attempted to continue our participation in SHOT SHOW despite unlawful, cost prohibitive and convoluted restrictions imposed by the governor of the state of Nevada. We looked to NSSF to stand up for our industry and to pressure the state authorities into allowing our trade show to return to normal. As a small business, any attempt to engage in commercial interaction with our customers under constantly changing, unrealistic and absurd restrictions is cost prohibitive and places an undue burden on our company.

We do not question the reality of the COVID 19 disease, in fact, most of us have had it. At issue is that a disease is not sufficient cause for the removal of god-given/inalienable rights by any man, government agency or commercial enterprise. Does the governor of Nevada restrict trade show attendance for any other communicable diseases with transmissibility? FrogLube and NSF engage in free enterprise in an industry that uses individual rights as a selling point to attract people to purchase our firearms products. We find the NSF stance is mutually incompatible to the expression of both the 1st and 2nd amendments of the US Constitution. How can we stress the 2nd amendment at the show while yielding on the 1st amendment?

We did attempt to persuade the NSSF to cope with these issues, but we got no relief. We found ourselves stuck in an ethical dilemma, where we might have to choose to compromise on our company ethos in order to continue our attendance.

At FrogLube, we come from military and law enforcement backgrounds and we share lifetimes of service to our country, our citizens and the protection of their rights. For us, the decision is freedom over money. We choose freedom,


Larry & Stacy Lasky


7 Responses to “Freedom over Money … Froglube Decides Not To Attend SHOT Show 2022”

  1. MiamiC70 says:

    Nominees for the Herman Cain award.

  2. Jake says:

    Bravo! Bravo! It’s nice to see someone taking a stand for freedom.

  3. Hugues says:

    Thank you so much for your courageous decision ! I have never written a response on any website, but I wanted to congratulate you ! The world is going insane about this “pandemic” … What’s the point of Shot Show if we cave to the tyrannical agenda? What’s the point of all these 2a innovations without the 1a? The only ones who will actually benefit from all these innovations are the law enforcement agencies that work for these tyrannical powers …

  4. Skim Beeble says:

    They won’t be missed. I’d take fire clean over that shid.