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Magpul Flight Glove 2.0

Magpul has updated their popular Flight Glove to a 2.0 configuration. The change is mainly due to the addition of touch screen compatible fingertips (three fingers) due to the wide proliferation of digital screens in cockpits and the use of touch screen enabled End User Devices by ground forces. However, they’ve also beefed up the construction a bit without sacrificing dexterity.

They feature Flash-resistant Nomex and Kevlar back of hand for flame and anti-static protection along with durable and soft one-piece goatskin leather palm and finger construction for enhanced feel and control of firearms.

Black, Coyote, and Sage in sizes S-2XL.

3 Responses to “Magpul Flight Glove 2.0”

  1. JK says:

    Oh man… just seeing that old design brought around to a modern glove brings back so many memories… remember the days when flight gloves were the ONLY gloves..? Back before the gear, kit, and gun industry exploded?

  2. Jeff S says:

    I remember my dad using them as work gloves (yard, garden, car, wherever else) when I was a kid (80s/90s)…

  3. Martin says:

    Best grunt Gloves ever.

    Not like that Short-Gloves crap nowadays