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Platatac’s Tet Offensive

In late 2019 deep in the Platatac development skunk works we were made aware of some upcoming adversary training requirements by various units around the world and the demand for a low volume, high quality, battle proven modern combat uniform in a non-issue camouflage pattern.

It was a perfect fit for Platatac with a long history of developing and producing short run camouflage patterns for previous clients such as Australian SOCOMD with digitised Auscam & Marine Cam and numerous projects with UK MOD and many more that will never see the light of day.

The obvious choice for this was Tigerstripe, and so the quest to bring this project to life began. Tigerstripe came to prominence during the Vietnam War but was never an official US issue item, personnel permitted to wear it at first had their uniforms custom-made by local Vietnamese tailors so it was a perfect fit for what we had planned. 

What started out as a need for OpFor combat uniforms quickly snow balled in complexity as the product range expanded and we tried to navigate the ever changing challenges of Covid-era logistics and continuous unexpected delays along the way.

The next challenge was to find a high quality fabric that would be up to the rigors of the abuse the end users expect our products to handle, although Platatac is well known and for our ability to develop and digitise patterns in house the decision was made to expedite the project in early 2021 and partner with Flimmuur Tactical UK who was well down the path developing a Tigerstripe pattern with a nod to the classic faded look of the original Vietnam era pieces but on modern ripstop NyCo.

Fast forward to the anniversary of the Tet Offensive in 1968 and Platatac is proud to present an exclusive collaboration with Flimmuur UK in partnership with OPTactical in the US, bringing to life a reproduction of a classic weathered Tigerstripe pattern in a modern tactical uniform.  

Available exclusively in limited numbers from: 22:00hrs AEDT (Aus) – full collection 11:00hrs GMT (UK) 06:00 EST (US)

4 Responses to “Platatac’s Tet Offensive”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Hey where is that top at? All I have seen before this is the combat shirt. That’s tight!

  2. lcpl0420 says:

    Ensuring the sleeves are cut off these should be part of PCCs/PCIs

  3. Bob says:

    Where are these made?