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PCP Tactical Selected to Produce Lightweight Polymer Cased Ammunition for the U.S. Army

PCP Tactical LLC, a defense contractor headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida has been awarded an Ordnance Technology Initiative Agreement (OTIA) from the National Armaments Consortium – DoD Ordnance Technology Consortium (NAC-DOTC) to produce 7.62mm lightweight small caliber ammunition for the US Army.  This award directly supports Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems (PM MAS) efforts to reduce weight for Army soldiers over-burdened by their combat load. The introduction of lightweight small caliber ammunition in a polymer case material will improve the soldier’s mobility on the battlefield to increase soldier’s lethality and survivability.

“PCP Tactical/Gorilla Ammunition has been designing and delivering weapons and lightweight polymer cased ammunition solutions to the Department of Defense for almost a decade,” said Lanse Padgett, Chief Executive Officer of PCP Tactical and Gorilla Ammunition, “and we are extremely pleased to be chosen by the Army to collaboratively develop polymer cased ammunition.”

The agreement requires PCP Tactical to produce lightweight polymer cased 7.62mm M80A1 and M62A1 ammunition that can function properly at the extreme environmental conditions anticipated on the future battlefield. The ammunition is expected to meet or exceed the internal ballistic and terminal performance requirements of current brass cased ammunition, while reducing the weight by approximately 30 percent. The M240 machine gun is the primary weapon for this effort, but the lightweight polymer ammunition is also compatible with the M14 Semi-Automatic Rifle, M110 Rifle, and the M134 Mini-Gun.  

“PCP Tactical has developed an incredible working relationship with the Army over the past ten years,” said Padgett, “we have provided legacy ammunition calibers as well as next generation calibers to include armor piercing rounds to the Army.  We have also provided enhanced new weapons systems and barrel conversion kits for legacy guns to reduce weight while increasing lethality.  Over the last several years polymer case technology has progressed tremendously, and we are anxious to get the ammunition qualified for use by our soldiers and allies.”

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  1. Seamus says:

    All I want to know is, will production overruns be for sale?