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FirstSpear Friday Focus: OEM Spotlight – F9 Gear

This week’s Friday Focus features another OEM Spotlight, F9 Gear (aka The Full 9). Working with FirstSpear, F9 Gear has developed a versatile and modular placard system known as, the Ammo Hub A1.

The Ammo Hub A1 is the ideal foundation to build out a kit that will suit exactly what you need, with absolutely nothing you don’t.

It is compatible with a huge variety of industry standard inserts, attachments, harnesses, pouches and accessories that can be customized into almost any imaginable PC placard or chest rig configuration. The Ammo Hub A1 naturally curves around the body as a chest rig and around plates as a PC placard.

Made in the US by FirstSpear using all American raw materials that meet or exceed military specifications.

Through smart use of laser cutting the body of the Hub is sewn from one single, continuous piece of FirstSpear 6/12 cordura laminate, with the Hub base and the side attachment loops being integral to that single piece of fabric.

Native to its design, the Ammo Hub A1 has the ability to be double stacked on top of itself using the integrated top buckle attachment straps.

Check out F9 Gear to learn more about the Ammo Hub A1.

Visit FirstSpear to find all the gear and apparel for America’s Warfighter.

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  1. TheFull9 says:

    Many thanks to SSD and to FirstSpear.