Sneak Peek – SIG ROMEOM17

Designed by SIG Electro-Optics specifically for use with the Modular Handgun System, the new ROMEOM17 is a pistol red dot sight.

In addition to maintaining the factory sights, the ROMEOM17 offers several user selectable reticles with multiple brightness settings, including Night Vision.

It incorprates a nitrogen purged, fully enclosed shroud and there is no need to remove the sight from the pistol to change batteries thanks to the Side Battery Compartment.

The US Army is currently evaluating this pistol optic, as well as others, under the Soldier Enhancement Program. Rather than writing a formal requirement for a pistol optic, the Army plans to issue National Stock Numbers to suitable optics and allow units to mount them to the MHS pistols. Hopefully, we’ll be able to share a list of approved sights soon.

12 Responses to “Sneak Peek – SIG ROMEOM17”

  1. tcba_joe says:

    Will this mount to all DPP pattern guns? Or just SIG’s DPP pattern guns?

  2. TheFull9 says:

    “issue National Stock Numbers to suitable optics and allow units to mount them to the MHS pistols” wait what? People get a choice and just demand what they want??

    • Kilt says:

      The optics for the M17/18 are going to be bought with unit discretionary funds so the army wants to simply approve a bunch and let units purchase them as needed.

  3. mudd says:

    reading is fundamental, units get a choice should they navigate the TOE or lesser docs required

  4. gooch says:

    looks good. hopefully holster, or something, covers the eyepiece so it doesn’t collect debris, ice, etc.

  5. ElSparko says:

    I’m assuming because it’s under evaluation it’s Berry Compliant and not just “assembled in the USA”?

  6. DangerMouse says:

    Is it me, or does this look surprisingly reminiscent of the Holoson EPS?