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FirstSpear Friday Focus: Wool ACM-WARM 600

This week, we’re featuring our warmest Merino Wool line in ACM-WARM 600.

The ACM-WARM 600 is FirstSpear’s heaviest weight Merino Wool and provides the greatest standalone warmth. Pair with ACM-BASE 100 and ACM-MID 400 to create an extremely warm and comfortable system to beat the elements.

The Everyday Vest (EDV) is a great addition to the FirstSpear wool line. It utilizes an extremely lightweight 50/50 blend of our American Merino Wool and Polyester and is fully Berry Compliant. This is a heavyweight Merino Wool vest with a soft, brushed fleece interior, designed for the coldest temperatures.

The sleeveless design of the Stalker Vest is a unique feature in the FirstSpear American Wool line with an important benefit. The Stalker Vest has been designed for wear under plate carriers and can be removed without taking the carrier off. Simply open the sides of the Stalker Vest and slide it over your head. With the exclusive design of the Stalker Vest, you can easily adjust body heat retention. Too hot, one the sides for ventilation. Too cold, close the sides. Way too hot, remove the whole vest. All without removing your carrier.

The FirstSpear Woobie’s are 100% Made in America and include the Woobie Full Zip, Woobie 1/4 Zip and the advanced Technical Woobie. Each have their own unique style while remaining the absolute warmest American Merino Wool that FirstSpear offers. If you’re looking for technical apparel thats both warm and functional, a FirstSpear Woobie is definitely the way to go.

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