SIG MMG 338 Program Series

OTIS Defense – Individual Deployment Kit

Once offered by Gerber, the Individual Deployment Kit is now an OTIS Defense product.

It’s a great kit, especially for mounted personnel, combing a MOLLE compatible sheath with individual compartments for a Gerber Safety Strap Cutter, Streamlight Sidewinder flashlight, Gerber MP 600 multi-tool, and eFECT weapon cleaning tool. Although originally a Gerber item, the eFECT tool is currently in transition to being manufactured by OTIS Defense.

7 Responses to “OTIS Defense – Individual Deployment Kit”

  1. Franco says:

    Hey quick question, as an avid follower of this side. Why were the comments off?

    • Eric G says:

      Why? Idiots with no skin in the game talking trash about companies and products never intended for them.

      A cooling off period was in order.

  2. murphquake says:

    I kind of dig the pouch