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492d SOTRG Change of Command, Air Commando Development Center-Provisional Activation


Today, Colonel Brian Helton relinquished command to Colonel Robert Johnston who is now dual-hatted as commander of the 492d Special Operations Training Group and the Air Commando Development Center-Provisional, ACDC-P.

The evolution to ACDC-P with this change of command signifies Air Force Special Operations Command’s commitment to deliberate training and experiencing, to ready Air Commandos for crisis, competition, counter violent extremism and conflict.

“I am honored to be part of this team and extremely grateful for the privilege and the opportunity to lead it,” said Johnston. “This is an extraordinary unit charged with a critical responsibility; to develop our air commandos for future generations to come. You’ve already done it in an outstanding manner, and I expect nothing less as we make the transition.”

The ACDC-P is comprised of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School, the 371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron and the new 370th Special Operations Combat Training Squadron planned for fiscal year 2024. Additionally, the ACDC-P will be a direct report unit to the Air Force Special Operations Command commander.

The center will execute development for all personnel assigned to AFSOC, core-SOF and non-core SOF AFSCs, as well as direct specialized combat training in the appropriate Force Generation phase to enable preparation in addition to certification, verification, and validation prior to deployment. Standing up the ACDC-P demonstrates the commitment AFSOC places on developing a high-performing Air Commando force.

“We’re reframing our thinking on the way we organize, train and equip Air Commandos to meet our future challenges,” said Lt Gen Tony Bauernfeind, AFSOC commander. “We must continually develop our teams by ensuring our Air Commandos have the right training and experiences they need to fight tonight…and standing up the ACDC will meet that intent.”

These changes continue AFSOC’s efforts to get after Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. C.Q. Brown Jr.’s five drivers for change across the force: Force Generation, Agile Combat Employment, Multi-capable Airmen, wing A-staff implementation and mission command.

By 2nd Lt Cassandra Saphore, Air Force Special Operations Command Public Affairs

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  1. Philip says:

    The AF has over-used “get after x” to the point of meaninglessness. Nothing has been gotten after and very little has changed for the better.