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Finnish Brutality Gathers Practical Shooters from Around the World

Varusteleka’s Finnish Brutality will be organized for the sixth time at the Loppi shooting center in Finland on Aug 19 and 20, 2023. This international competition sold out in a few seconds. The idea behind Finnish Brutality is that the shooters need to be able to perform even under physical duress.

Created by Finnish military and outdoor store Varusteleka and online video program InRange TV, the Finnish Brutality shooting competition will see its sixth iteration at the Loppi shooting center in Southern Finland. This international competition gathers contestants from all around the globe. A total of 160 shooters will participate in the competition, 50 of which will shoot in the pre-match and work as Range Officers during the main match. Tickets were sold out in 10 seconds this year. 

Brutality matches are known for challenging the contestants’ marksmanship in unconventional and stressful situations, such as shooting from a trench filled with cold water, from a moving vehicle, or immediately after physically challenging tasks.

The competition is also very popular among the YouTube community. The social media stars Forgotten Weapons and Administrative Results from the US, Polenar Tactical from Slovenia, and many other influencers will take part in Finnish Brutality.

This year, the stages have been designed to be even more brutal and challenging than before. Last year, the contestants of the Recon division had to run 2 miles between each stage. This year, it has been replaced by the Breacher category, where the shooters must perform a variety of physical challenges between stages in full combat gear.

Brutality matches were born in 2018 as a collaboration between Varusteleka and InRange TV. The first Brutality match was Desert Brutality in Arizona, soon followed by Finnish Brutality in Finland. Over the years, new Brutality matches have been arranged in various locations – in 2022, Lynx Brutality saw the light of day in Slovenia, and Woodland Brutality was arranged for the first time in the US.

Media representatives are warmly welcome at Finnish Brutality 2023. We ask that you contact toni.suokas@varusteleka.com or jenny.koskimaki@varusteleka.com a few days beforehand. Please bring your own eye and ear protection.

The rules and more info about the event can be found on Varusteleka’s website

6 Responses to “Finnish Brutality Gathers Practical Shooters from Around the World”

  1. D Liddle says:

    As a combat vet, it’s strange but also comforting to see this kind of combat & military training ‘tourism’. It’s strange because in hindsight I never saw anything ‘fun’ about the deadly seriousness of training, or the very real pain that came with it. It’s comforting because it gives me hope there’s a very large cohort of people in Western society that still value these skills and have respect for professional practioners…after all emulation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  2. CJ says:

    Is that…Ian McCollum carrying the kettle bell?

  3. Marek says:

    You should check out “Lekka piechota” (Light Infantry) competition in Poland. 36 hours of land navigation and competition shooting. Fantastic event.