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DARC Selects L9 Mfg. as the Official Tactical Rifle of DARC

L9 Manufacturing (L9 Mfg.) and Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) are Pleased to Announce an Unmatched Brand Partnership for the Training and Firearms Industry. DARC has Selected L9 Mfg. as the Official Tactical Rifle of DARC.

L9 Mfg., aims to be the trusted choice for the professional end-user and the community they serve, by producing safe, reliable and superior rifles tailored to meet their operational needs. Since 2014, L9 Mfg., the parent company of SOLGW, have been dedicated to providing high-quality, American-made M4 and MK10 firearm platforms and accessories that have proven craftsmanship and performance. As a leader in the firearms industry, L9 Mfg. instills confidence and trust in their clients through innovative design, extensive data collection, rigorous product testing and accuracy. L9 Mfg. stands with the professional end-user by offering a lifetime warranty and a service promise to support and replace, any issued firearm platform that has been used in the line of duty.

DARC was founded in 1996 as a private research lab for leadership, tactics, and technology integration. For 27 years, DARC has been committed to professionalism, discretion, mission specific training experiences, and the accompanying equipment research and development. By specializing and focusing on the peer/near-peer conflict, DARC is always anticipating and searching for unconventional and effective solutions to current and emerging threats. DARC is committed to finding positive outcomes for clients through their tailored training programs and applicable technology solutions. Collectively, with carefully selected cadre, real-world experiences, training methodologies, facilities, and service culture, DARC has created an environment for innovation that is inimitable in the training industry.

L9 Mfg. and DARC believe in the importance of well trained and equipped professionals. This brand partnership will enhance DARC training programs for clients by incorporating L9 Mfg.’s firearm platforms. Providing clients the opportunity to use the L9 Mfg. rifles during training at DARC offers a unique test and evaluation lab in a high- stress environment.

“Both L9 and DARC use a data and results driven approach to solve real world problems. This alliance accelerates our efforts to increase both the reliability of the platform and the operator by rapidly fielding concepts into a demanding environment that either validates or refines the solution. There’s no participation trophy. It either works, or it doesn’t. And our job is to sort that out in training and testing rather than a real world encounter.”

Mike Mihalski, L9 Mfg

The complementary capabilities of L9 Mfg. and DARC will authentically identify emerging operational demands through training and evaluation. This holistic approach will generate innovative solutions streamlined for the professional user. DARC and L9 Mfg.’s commitment to continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence, ensures this brand partnership will be the flagship of mission-specific advancements in firearms production and training resources for the benefit of the professional end-users.

“For the past 49 years, I have professionally and personally carried and used, an AR15 in variety of environments and configurations. I have experienced the trends and witnessed the evolution of the platform first-hand. Since 2020 I have personally been evaluating the L9 Mfg. rifle. When an off the shelf rifle performs at a custom built level, it gets my attention. Several things are important to me when it comes to selecting a platform to use. Number one is quality- it must be built with quality components, at spec tolerances and maintain functionality. Second is reliability, third is accuracy and fourth is who is manufacturing it. There are a lot of great AR15’s on the market now – it wasn’t always so. What solidified the selection of L9 Mfg. as the official DARC platform was the opportunity to meet the armorers building the rifles- they are the difference. Observing firsthand their attention to detail and tenacity, is hard to express in words but it’s tangible. Some call it grit, others character. I know that when I am running an L9 rifle, that the armorers who assembled it as if it was for themselves and that the company stands 100% behind their product. It is reassuring to deal with a person instead of a corporation and then also experiencing personable customer care as an individual. I think their platform is one of the best I’ve handled to date and the armorers are incredible. Bottom line is— people and performance; L9 is both and it is rare.”

Richard Mason, DARC

For more information on L9 Mfg. please visit www.L9mfg.com

For more information on Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) please visit www.darc-usa.com.


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  1. Ryan Snow says:

    Did someone accept a commission from L9 to get the contract approved?