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D-Cell Redesignated 24th Rapid Deployment Squadron


The 24th Special Operations Wing redesignated Detachment 1, also known as Deployment Cell or “D-Cell,” to the Rapid Deployment Squadron during a ceremony at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., Sept. 6, 2023.

A geographically separated unit from the 24 SOW at Hurlburt Field, Fla., the Rapid Deployment Squadron consists of members across 15 career fields, forming four agile teams. These teams of multi-capable Airmen are trained in 49 cross-functional tasks including survival, evasion, resistance and escape training, advanced shooting and advanced combat casualty care.

The primary role of the RDS is to “bare base,” which is to rapidly turn austere locations into fully functional bases.

Col. Daniel Magruder, Jr., presided over the ceremony and gave opening remarks.

“Over 60 years ago, General Curtis Lemay established a unit that supported deployment operations,” said Magruder. “While your customer has changed over the years from U.S. Strike Command, which doesn’t exist anymore, your dedication to mission accomplishment hasn’t wavered.

The ceremony included the inactivation of Det-1, along with the activation of the 24th RDS and assumption of command.

“I’m encouraged that every member of your unit’s long blue line knows exactly where the unit came from,” said Magruder. “You know what it provides to our nation and the joint force, and where it’s going as it’s redesignated the 24th Rapid Deployment Squadron.”

In the last 54 years, both D-Cell and Det-1 have served under three different commands with its members participating in over 30 operations and four wars.

After accepting the guideon, Lt. Col. Michael Biederman, Commander, 24th RDS, expressed his excitement for the future.

“We have gained clarity on how AFSOC sees us and have rekindled our relationships with our partners to forge ahead in what we do best establishing bare bases and providing specialized engineering, logistics, services and security expertise in supporting the tip of the spear,” said Biederman. “In our uncertain geopolitical future I am certain the 24th Rapid Deployment Squadron will carry on DCELLs historic namesake to the far reaches of the globe.”

By Capt Savannah Stephens, 24th Special Operations Wing

2 Responses to “D-Cell Redesignated 24th Rapid Deployment Squadron”

  1. Bodhi says:

    One of the finest units that has every existed. Their ability to make something out of nothing and still serve hot soup at o’dark-thirty when returning from an op’ was always appreciated.
    It was a morale booster to learn that D-Cell was on site or going with us as it meant that we’d be taken care of when in the rear and and the logistics of rear area support was something that was taken off our already overflowing plate.
    We used to have a bumper sticker idea in the early nineties that said “I <3 D-Cell”.

  2. BandEAtoZ says:

    D-Cell folks are magical. They can grow everything from soup to midnight chow, hot showers, electrical lights to plan by, and even glorious air conditioning out of asphalt and gravel.

    Don’t think I ever heard them say no to a request. Worst was a We will l have to prioritize that one, but never a no.