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Visit Team CLAW in the Wilcox Industries Booth at AUSA

Wilcox Industries has assembled quite a team to produce the CLAW helmet mount system for the US Army.

CLAW is a modular architecture which incorprates power and data for headborne systems.

CLAW is not only compatible with all Night Vision Devices currently in service with the US Army, but also with future systems like Integrated Visual Augmentation System as well as Night Vision Goggle – Next.

To see it in person at AUSA, visit Wilcox Industries in booth # 3819 at the Walter Washington Convention Center, in Washington, DC, October 9-11.

3 Responses to “Visit Team CLAW in the Wilcox Industries Booth at AUSA”

  1. BS says:

    It’s like a Gentex RAILINK but for Big Army?

    • NTX says:

      Honestly this looks superior to Gentex’s offering.

      I’m sure there is some circumstance out there where Gentex’s form factor is superior for a particular user, but I’d imagine it’s slim.

      The CLAW does seem to be designed with integration of Big Army’s current/future accessories in mind, but other features, such as it’s top mounted strobe, seem to be generally superior to Gentex’s ARC rail mounted strobes.

  2. NTX says:


    Do you have any info on Night Vision Goggle – Next?

    Is it a successor to ENVG-B or does it fulfill a different role? And how does it fit into the Army’s future vision with IVAS?