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MATBOCK Monday: LIFT System “Stop Being a Fool”

For more than a decade, the LIFT System has been the industry leader as the lightest, most complete mission-ready system on the market. At only 9.78 lbs (4.44kg), it will eliminate six “one-trick ponies” and 35.6 lbs (13.8 kg). Stop being a fool by carrying an extra 35lbs around for nearly the same price!

The most commonly purchased items from this video are the S-LIFT, R-LIFT, and LIFT Ladder. Sean Matson, their Co-Founder and CEO, covers each product here.

The Combat Carbon Poles are the backbone of the entire system and can also be used in their popular Cobra Sled and J-LIFT (Jungle Litter).

Reach out to MATBOCK today to schedule a demo sales@matbock.com. Checkout the LIFT System here: www.matbock.com/collections/medical/LIFT-System

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