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Hexonia Awarded Major European Combat Clothing Contract

Hexonia GmbH, a subsidiary of NFM Group AS, has been selected for a significant contract to provide a comprehensive combat clothing system for the Netherlands Armed Forces and the Belgium Navy. The Defence Operational Clothing System (DOKS) represents one of Europe’s most substantial military clothing contracts to date.

The DOKS project entrusts Hexonia GmbH with the responsibility to outfit approximately 45,000 soldiers, delivering an integrated combat clothing system that includes more than 30 different items. Yesterday, the signed 8-year framework agreement was handed over in a festive ceremony in Soesterberg, the Netherlands.


A key requirement of the DOKS project is the modularity of the clothing system: soldiers should have the opportunity to wear clothing that is customized and adapted to their specific operational situation. It is designed to cover a wide range of activities and environmental factors, thereby protecting them from specific threats while simultaneously enhancing their performance. An important aspect of the project is the extensive involvement of reference groups, which include soldiers from the navy, the army, the air force, and the military police.


The system Hexonia has developed encompasses underwear, insulation layers, weather protection, combat shirts, jackets, and pants in a variety of colours and camouflage patterns, along with functional accessories. These are provided in three distinct clothing sets tailored for different operational contexts. The layers within the system are designed to work seamlessly with each other and with the armed forces’ existing protective gear. Featuring a specially developed sizing system that includes up to 35 size gradations, Hexonia guarantees an optimal fit and good comfort for the wearer.

“The high appreciation of our soldiers was decisive in selecting the clothing system of Hexonia”, says Project Lead LTCOL, Bruce Mekking from COMMIT (Commando Materieel en IT of the Dutch Ministry of Defence).


Quality, durability, and comfort are paramount to Hexonia in the development of combat clothing. For DOKS, the company utilizes high-quality yarns, woven and knitted fabrics developed through extensive research. The production process is predominantly managed by the medium-sized German company: various knitting, cutting, and finishing machines are available across its facilities in Nettetal and Jahnsbach, which span approximately 12,000 square meters. In addition, Hexonia has meticulously established a network of trusted partners, over the years, ensuring quality and the reliability of its production chain. All supplied parts are subjected to strict quality controls in various process stages.

“Being trusted by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to equip the Netherlands Armed Forces and the Belgium Navy fills us with pride and is a confirmation of our daily work. We have invested heavily in research work and built-up in-depth expertise in the development of military clothing for more than 20 years. Hexonia has since 2022 been part of NFM Group, and together we are continuously expanding our production and logistics capacities. This makes us a strong and reliable partner in Europe today, and we are confident to create a strong partnership with COMMIT to provide the Dutch soldiers the clothing needed to do their job, regardless mission, and climatic condition they will meet,” says Nils Toverud, Managing Director of Hexonia GmbH.

“The DOKS project represents more than a contract; it is a profound responsibility. As we embark on this journey to outfit the Netherlands Armed Forces, we at NFM Group, together with Hexonia GmbH, are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in military apparel. Our collaboration signifies a shared vision for excellence and a safer future for those in service,” says Walter Øverland, CEO NFM Group AS.

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  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    That NFP-Tan pattern in the middle of the second photo looks like the best, and most versatile, version of the pattern.

    NFP-Blue is just goofy Smurfoflage.

    • Masato says:

      That’s not NFP Tan but NFP Multitone. I’m thinking he’s wearing rain clothing, hence the Multitone variant.

  2. Bummer says:

    I think the one on the bottom left is the best