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MATBOCK Monday: It’s Alive!

In March of 2022, MATBOCK secured a contract to develop and deliver this revolutionary Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, or “JLTV HEV”. The JLTV HEV not only elevates our military’s silent watch capability but produces massive amounts of power on the battlefield. Above, you will find a video of it driving out of the garage for the first time. Please stay connected with us for future updates and releases as we make monumental paradigm shifts in this technology space.

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5 Responses to “MATBOCK Monday: It’s Alive!”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    I realize this experiment must go on but what is the plan to charge these on the modern battlefield? I look at Ukraine and see the crucial role of dispersal and ask myself how to we plan to charge vehicles under similar conditions? Centralized POL points or slow charge points in this case would be an artillery wet dream. Has anyone seen the plans or discussions for what recharging large formations will look like?

  2. the hun says:

    Maybe a bit bonkers…but what an extra layer of toughness
    …Denim and it will make the vehicle invisible in urban operations (almost)!
    And if detected by the ennemy, it will confuse him and get him in a friendly mood.
    Because Denim is a friend(ly)-making material. And you can wear it almost everywhere. The pacifier among materials.
    Camo-patterns are so aggressive.
    The enemy knows instantly:” That means business.”

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