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CTOMS Academy – A Digital Approach to Training Tactical and Emergency Trauma Care

CTOMS™ has been a provider of tactical and emergency trauma care training to military, police, and specialty units for almost 20 years. We have taken our deep understanding of this topic and made it accessible with our online learning platform CTOMS Academy™. Here CTOMS™ provides basic to advanced trauma care that is available anytime, anywhere there is internet, and at a price that allows for broad adoption. In our view, the more service personnel and civilians equipped with tactical and emergency trauma care training, the better.   

These online courses go deep, and we have been committed to making them engaging. The course material is largely comprised of live action videos, lab footage, and 3-D animations while being narrated. Although additional reading is often provided with the courses, this training is not composed of handouts or slide shows. One of our goals while creating Academy courses is to leverage technology to make the content immersive and conducive to understanding.

CTOMS Academy™ has courses appropriate for medics and non-medics, service personnel and civilians, in both tactical and emergency casualty approaches. Many service organisations use CTOMS Academy™ to rollout high quality and consistent training to their agencies in an expedient manner. This training is for anyone that finds value in being prepared for emergency casualty response.

Please contact training@ctomsinc.com with any inquiries, including our agency and bulk pricing.

About CTOMS Academy™: ctomsinc.com/pages/ctoms-academy

The Training Catalogue and Platform: ctomsacademy.skillbuilder.co/catalog


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