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Ocean State Innovations and Propex Furnishing Solutions Unveil CURV Tactical: A Game-Changer in Tactical Gear

Ocean State Innovations (OSI) has teamed up with Propex Furnishing Solutions to introduce CURV® Tactical, a groundbreaking addition to the world of tactical gear.  Available in .5mm, .7mm, .9mm, and 1.4mm thicknesses, CURV® Tactical features a matte black finish and boasts superior lamination through Propex’s proprietary manufacturing process.

What sets CURV® Tactical apart is its exceptional versatility.  It can be sewn through, laser cut, and thermoformed, offering users unmatched customization options.  Despite its lightweight structure, CURV® Tactical is incredibly durable, making ideal for the rigors of military and law enforcement operations.

“This collaboration represents a fusion of advanced materials and manufacturing expertise” said Geoff Senko from OSI.  “CURV® Tactical delivers superior performance and versatility, empowering professionals to excel in their missions.”

Notably, CURV® Tactical is also remarkably cost-effective compared to industry standards, ensuring that agencies can equip their personnel with high-quality gear without exceeding budget constraints.

The partnership between OSI and Propex underscores a commitment to innovation and excellence.  As military and law enforcement agencies worldwide seek cutting-edge solutions, CURV® Tactical stands ready to meet -and exceed- their expectations, setting a new standard for tactical gear.


Geoff Senko, SVP of Sales




5 Responses to “Ocean State Innovations and Propex Furnishing Solutions Unveil CURV Tactical: A Game-Changer in Tactical Gear”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Oh wow that sounds so awesome. That will really change things…….what is it? That write up is great except they forgot to say what “it” is. I have a good guess but I’m not sure it’s right. It’s too funny when companies do this.

    • CJ says:

      Pulled this off their website after some digging:

      Now, you can have it all. Curv Tactical is an innovative lightweight thermoplastic composite with high impact resistance. Use Curv Tacticalas a durable lightweight sti ener in protective vests, MOLLE attachments,belts, harnesses, holsters, and backpacks. Curv Tactical is so tough that it can handle the impact taken by everything from protective guards and pads to anti-ballistic armor.

      • Lasse says:

        That’s a lot of fancy words to say it’s a SRPP, self reinforced polypropylene composite.

  2. Fun says:

    Entire books have been written about why being indirect makes bad advertising, and this is a stellar example of that. Why not just finish it with “Google us, and you might figure out what we’re selling, or not, we just dont care if you know,”.

    So fucking bad, just fire your marketing staff and start over.

    • admin says:

      While I hope that your point is taken by OSI, in this case, it’s a very specialized material that the average guy on the street doesn’t just buy. If you use this type of material in manufacturing, you’ll see it and know immediately what it is.

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