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Ask SSD – Help ID This Rifle Attachment

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

SSD Reader Luke sent us this message:


Need help identifying this rifle attachment. Have a 10k run and gun coming up and I’m looking for one of these for myself and my wife.

Here’s your chance to help put a follow SSD reader. What do you think it is?

Ask SSD –  Were There Army Special Forces In World War II?

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Probably the easiest way to answer this question is with a graphic, prepared by the US Army Special Operations Command.

Click on image, to see it in better detail.

Army Special Operations has a rich history. In particular, several of these organizations form the lineage of current Army Special Forces units.

Ask SSD – “Do SOF Use Whatever Weapons They Want?”

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

The answer to the recent request for verification of whether or not Special Operations Forces are allowed to use any weapon they choose, is a very simple, “No.”

Two Minutes Hate

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

Although the comments section has been fairly tame around here lately, tame doesn’t equal visits. Nobody wants facts anymore. They’d rather be wowed by BS and trickery. Rather than stoop to that level, we’ve decided to offer you the “Two Minutes Hate” where you can complain about anything you want to regarding the tactical industry. Think of it as a potpourri of complaining.

If you don’t know where the term “Two Minutes Hate” comes from, you’re likely the victim of our modern educational system.

Ask SSD – Where Can I Purchase A KCRF Patch?

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

We often receive this question. While we give special editions of the patch away at various events throughout the year, our friends at MOJO Tactical offer them as well.

As popular as they are, they aren’t always in stock, and at various times, MOJO will have different color schemes in stock. 

Get yours at mojotactical.com/?product=keep-calm-and-return-fire

Ask SSD – How Do I Write A White Paper?

Monday, August 14th, 2017

We are often asked by various vendors for government solicitations, how they should format a white paper. USSOCOM offers this fictional white paper for its potential vendors as an example.

Entitled, “DUAL-MODE AUGMENTED CANINE TRANSPORT SYSTEM – PROJECT DUCTS”, it is referred to as “Rocket Dog”.

Feel free to use it as a template for white paper development, particularly if you’re submitting one to SOCOM. Download your copy here.

Ask TNVC – “What Does ‘VAS’ Stand For?”

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Normally, it’s “Ask SSD” but we received this entry from our friends at TNVC. Guys, you could have asked us.


Ya know here at TNVC we pride ourselves on our education all things NV related. We are constant learners as well, and when I got asked this morning what the “VAS” stands for in Ops Core VAS Shrouds, I had a deer in the head lights moment! We have so many acronyms flying around, this one I missed or had forgotten. So I picked up the bat phone and talked with Ops Core (Gentex) and they wrote me back with a chuckle as it’s been a long time anyone had asked them as well. So the million dollar answer for the day is, VAS— Visual Augmentation System (VAS) – which allows you to mount something to your helmet that allows you to see at night, or augmenting your vision for night time operations.

The dumb question is the one you never asked and as the late friend Pat Rogers we all miss dearly had always stated, “Learning has Occurred”.

Stay Safe – Vic Di Cosola, TNVC.

Ask SSD – “Can you give me a price?”

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Received this email from T last night.


I did email a few weeks ago. Can you give me a price for a holster for SIG with silencer as in your pics.

I can post a cardboard “model” with dimensions.

I live in France but you can post to the UK if you prefer. I can pay you by Card in $US or PayPal or bank transfer.

I would prefer in black or dark blue but green would be OK.

I do hold all licences etc. for the weapon and I can provide copies by email (they are in French though).


We’re sorry T but we can’t support your request. Quite simply, we don’t sell anything, at all.

In addition to T’s email, we get several irate customer emails and requests for quotes from various governments and the companies which sell to them each day. Again, we don’t sell anything.

Consequently, we can’t provide you an updated shipping date, a quote, or a refund. On the other hand, we can show you the latest gear on a daily basis. How you buy it will have to be between you and someone else though. Might we suggest one of advertisers?