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MultiCam Boot Camp Crawler From Trooper Clothing

Monday, June 10th, 2019

Trooper clothing offers really children’s clothing. Their Exclusive MultiCam Boot Camp Crawler is built to help baby negotiate obstacles all around the house.

The embroidered name tapes say “BOOT CAMP” on them. It also features flap pockets on the chest, easy zipper for quick diaper changes and screen printed combat boots on the feet.

TAC-9 – Modular Pistol Caliber Platform introduced by Sol Invictus Arms

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Melbourne, FL. (May 1, 2019) – SOL INVICTUS ARMS, a premier American firearms manufacturer, is pleased to announce the release of its new TAC-9 – the ultimate modular pistol caliber platform. Introduced to the public for the first time at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana April of 2019 – the TAC-9 was purpose built with adaptability in mind to suit a customer’s needs.

The TAC-9 is an affordable modernized 9MM Sub gun feeding from Glock magazines. It offers a durable and accurate weapon system in a compact yet modular platform. It features a blowback operated system ensuring reliability for the most demanding conditions. It is not another AR – The entire action is housed in the upper receiver and there is no buffer tube needed.

The Sol Invictus Arms TAC-9 was developed for motorcycle patrol officers who are often the first responders to active shootings. Armed with only their sidearm, many officers expressed a need for a compact weapon system that could be stored in their saddlebag and deployed quickly. Using the same ammunition and magazines was a key requirement during the development of the firearm.

At the heart of the TAC-9 is an all steel bolt which works with a standard AR-15 fire control group. This offers superior reliability and maintains the same manual of arms that users are accustomed to, decreasing training time on the new platform.

The TAC-9 is also equipped with a modular quick disconnect barrel system. This enables the user to switch from a pistol configuration to a carbine in minutes and without the need for special tools.

In addition, the TAC-9 also includes an adaptable rear trunnion that allows the customer to use a folding stock or standard AR-15 buffer tube. This makes pistol and carbine brace/stock configurations endless.

The TAC-9 is chambered in 9MM and comes with a 5.5” or 8.5” 4150 Chrome Moly ordnance grade barrel. The barrel, bolt, and steel receiver all feature a Nitrided finish for excellent corrosion and wear resistance.


TAC-9 Pistol Configuration – $705 TAC-9 Pistol w/SBM4 Brace – $824

For more information go to or email [email protected]

Military Trivia Night At Adventure Brewing Company in Fredericksburg, VA on March 23rd

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Some friends are hosting military trivia night on Saturday evening, March 23rd at the Adventure Brewing Company in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It’s a regularly scheduled event.

To sign up, visit

Extreme Outfitters’ Indoor Archery Range Opens January 2nd

Monday, December 31st, 2018

Jacksonville, North Carolina’s only indoor archery range will be opening January 2nd, featuring eight lanes up to 30 yards at Extreme Outfitters. Camp Lejeune folks let us know how it is.

_Echelon Software Announces Three New Additions to the Black Powder Red Earth Series

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

October 4, 2018 – New York, New York – _Echelon Software today announces three new additions to the Black Powder Red Earth® series.

First, is Echelon’s first step into miniature wargaming. Partnering with Spectre Miniatures, the _Echelon team has specced a chalk of Cold Harbor Assaulters for play in the Spectre Operations tabletop modern war game. These 28mm miniatures are based on Ember QRF teams depicted in Black Powder Red Earth Yemen and have been modeled to the exact specs of these assaulters. The anticipated release date of the set is Black Friday, 2018.

Steve May, of Spectre said, “We are very excited to be part of bringing BPRE into the world of tabletop gaming.” _Echelon could ask for no better partner than Spectre, who’s miniatures we’ve used in play since the brand launched in 2014.

Continuing with this thread, the _Echelon team is now designing a co-operative PVE board game focused on the application of small unit tactics in asymmetric urban warfare. With a campaign and rule system built from the ground up as an analog for small units working in non-permissive urban settings, the game is laser focused on creating opportunities for meaningful decisions employing cutting-edge weapons, set in real-world locations with real-world challenges as seen in the Black Powder Red Earth graphic novels and mini-series. Spectre will be developing the miniature component of the game as well as advising on creating a frictionless and natural game flow.

Finally, _Echelon has begun development of a Black Powder Red Earth animated mini-series. Conceived of as a 3 episode animated piece, series creator Jon Chang has been researching + developing the scenario since August 2017 with SME’s from US Army Special Operations. As with all BPRE projects, series creators work to insure the missions, tactics and equipment are all kept authentic and that the opponents tactics are accurately reflected.

Screen writing began with purpose in August 2018, with storyboarding set to begin in October in anticipation of a trip to Tokyo in January 2019 where the team will be selected to create this next endeavor. “As life long anime fans, dating back to series like Space Cruiser Yamato(StarBlazers), Macross, Akira, Gunbuster and Area 88 – it has been a dream to take the BPRE story from the page to the moving picture.”

Learn more and directly support these endeavors by supporting Black Powder Red Earth on patreon at

For more on Spectre Miniatures visit or email [email protected]

For further information on these projects contact [email protected]

QALO Introduces The Family Collection

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

QALO has been very successful with their silicone wedding bands. Those do a great job of covering husband and wife. Now, QALO has introduced a few products for baby.

In addition to serape baby blankets, the Family Collection includes three different types of silicone teethers.

Meant to hang as necklaces and offered in different colors, these include the V-pendant, Dog Tag and Hexagon beads.

The V-pendant and Dog Tag can be engraved.

They are made from food grade silicone so baby can teeth without injury. Additionally, the necklaces BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Cadmium, Lead, and Heavy Metal free.

WILDCraft Entertainment Launches A New Hunting Video Series: WILDCraft

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Columbia, SC, August 27, 2018 – WILDCraft Entertainment announces the development of a new video series called WILDCraft that will take the viewer along for a journey of a lifetime with a group of hunters where the hunt is only a part of the story. Each season introduces a new location and journey and will debut in September 2019 on Amazon Prime Video – which is available to over 100 million customers in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe.

Season one is called WILDCraft: South Africa. It takes you to Fort Richmond Safaris in the rugged mountains of South Africa’s Northern Cape, where editors and contributors from a variety of hunting magazines join gunwriter Richard Mann on a safari for free range kudu and other species. The team will hunt from a remote tent camp, and each hunter will have their own challenges to face during the adventure. At the end of each day they’ll share their experiences, successes, and failures around the campfire. They’ll also learn about the local people, the history of Fort Richmond, hunting’s positive impact on the area, and attractions like the Big Hole diamond mine in nearby Kimberley, South Africa.

WILDCraft Entertainment has created sponsorship packages that go beyond traditional product placement. Along with the series airing on Amazon Prime, sponsors will receive social media marketing videos, and the opportunity to participate in the Guest Hunter Sweepstakes and Email List. Sponsor products will also be placed in the hands and field-tested by the top hunting editors in the industry. SIG Sauer has signed on as Season One title sponsor.

Companies interested in participating in Season One, should contact WILDCraft direct at [email protected]

ORSM 18 – Keen Waimea H2

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

When I was stationed in Hawaii I bought a pair of Keen slippaz with a capped big toe. They were great; I didn’t need to worry about stubbing my toe while walking around the yard. Apparently, when we PCSed to Kirtland AFB, I tossed them out. I had forgotten all about them until I ran across these.

Keen is bringing them back and boy, will my toes be happy.