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An ‘Act of Valor’ Review from an NSW Veteran

Friday, February 24th, 2012

This review of the movie was published by Capt Bob Schoultz (USN Ret), former SEAL. He is very candid in his praise and critique of the movie and can do so from a unique perspective. He can talk about the ‘big picture’ and that’s what’s been missing from many reviews.

He also brings another bit of street cred. He was asked by the command to pen an article on write an essay on “Quiet Professionalism” for ‘ETHOS’ magazine, an NSW publication.

These guys are catching a lot of heat due to the recent high profile NSW has recently garnered. Capt Schoultz made some good points in his article.

In determining whether a book, article, interview or other public pronouncement adds to or diminishes the credibility, reputation, and honor of the individual and our community, I suggest three criteria:

1. Is it fair and honest, and does it constructively contribute to the public understanding of NSW? Or does it primarily promote self-interest or a personal agenda?

2. Is the warrior exhibiting ‘a strong dose of humility,’ to include respect toward those with whom he might disagree?

3. Does the perspective or story serve the interests of those still in the arena, or does it make their lives and work more difficult, more complicated, or even more dangerous?

‘Quiet professionals’ in Naval Special Warfare need not always be ‘quiet’ – there are times when it is important and appropriate to tell our story. I don’t believe that the real issue is being ‘quiet,’ but rather having the maturity to be humble and the good judgment to be discrete. Anyone “going public” should be careful of their motives, not hurt those still in the arena, and avoid publicly airing personal agendas.


Mad Duo Reviews ‘Act of Valor’

Friday, February 24th, 2012

The SEAL realism movie ‘Act of Valor’ hits theaters today and the Mad Duo from Breach-Bang-Clear got an early preview.

The point here is to accept the movie for what it is; SOF porn. Some people can get overly pumped over that and some can’t. If you are expecting slick performances, don’t. These guys aren’t actors. But, what you see is real. This isn’t a CGI movie.

Check out their review it has some great Q&A with the writer and director.

Silynx Featured in ‘Act of Valor’

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Silynx Communications Equipment Featured in Relativity Media’s and Bandito Brothers’ Navy SEAL Action-Thriller Act of Valor

Silynx Communications, Inc, is a company that outfits the pointy end of the spear so it was no surprise to hear that they were chosen for use in the upcoming movie ‘Act of Valor.’ If you’ve heard anything about ‘Act of Valor’ you’ve probably heard that they emphasized realism in the production. I mean, they used active duty Navy SEALs. I’m also happy to hear that they insisted on the right gear. For many, comms gear might seem trivial, but for an operator his communications equipment is his lifeline to team mates as well as outside support including fire support, resupply, and extraction.

Produced and directed by former Baja 1000 champion Mike “Mouse” McCoy and former stuntman Scott Waugh, and written by Kurt Johnstad (300), the Bandito Brothers’ ‘Act of Valor’ tells a story that takes audiences on an edge-of-their-seat journey, when a mission to recover a kidnapped CIA operative unexpectedly results in the discovery of an imminent global threat, an elite team of highly-trained Navy SEALs must immediately embark on a secret operation, the outcome of which will determine the fate of us all.

In a press release, Silynx CEO Gil Limonchik said, “Silynx is honored to be part of a film that shows the world just what the men and women in the U.S. military undertake to protect our nation and its citizens. With the film inspired by actual missions, Silynx’s equipment is shown in use by SEALs who depend on communications and hearing protection/enhancement systems for mission success day in and day out. It is our mission to equip the warfighter with the most technologically advanced communications systems that provide flawless and life-saving communications and situational awareness. Silynx works directly with the Special Forces Community to provide continuous improvements to our products, and are honored that our equipment has become such an important part of the SEAL’s combat effectiveness.”

‘Act of Valor’ hits theaters this Friday. Who’s going?


Now THAT’S a Parachute Jump

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

POV of a Leapfrog jump into the world premier of ‘Act of Valor’ hitting theaters, Friday 24 February.

Anyone notice the V-lite?