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Mad Duo – Old Operator Tee

Friday, November 24th, 2017


Mad Duo’s Old Operator Tee is a tribute to the Former Action Guys of the world. It features a design reminiscent of the iconic Mudflap Girl, with a rotund retired operator complete with an opened can of beer, and the words ‘Sufficient Speed, Acceptable Drag’, above and below the design. The shirt is made of ring-spun cotton, and is available in colors Black, True Royal Blue, and Dark Grey Heather, sizes SM – 4XL.

Attack of the Zombie Hippies Project Donates $1000 to Independence Fund

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Last year I was approached by the Mad Duo to assist with a book project that became, “Attack of the Zombie Hippies” an ebook for Kindle. The goal of the Project was two-fold. First, have a good time combining short stories and tactical how-to articles. And second, to raise money for the Independence Fund which is a 100% volunteer non-profit for wounded troops. One of their projects is providing all-terrain wheel chairs.


Now, they’ve donated their first $1000 to the Independence Fund. If you want to help out, purchase a copy of “Attack of the Zombie Hippies” for Kindle. If anything, it’s a nice distraction for a Sunday afternoon. And, it helps some of our brothers and sisters who gave some of themselves for the rest of us.

Mad Duo Lambasts Red Dawn (The Remake)

Friday, August 10th, 2012

The Mad Duo got the scoop on the trailer for the much delayed “red Dawn” remake. Generally, trailers include the best parts of as movie and if this is as good as it gets, well, we’re in for a suck fest.

I’ll file this under morale as in “my morale is going to suck after seeing this Go check out the Mad Duo’s full review at

Follow Breach Bang Clear on Facebook

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Our friends, the Mad Duo now have a Facebook Page. Follow them at and

Mad Duo Reviews ‘Act of Valor’

Friday, February 24th, 2012

The SEAL realism movie ‘Act of Valor’ hits theaters today and the Mad Duo from Breach-Bang-Clear got an early preview.

The point here is to accept the movie for what it is; SOF porn. Some people can get overly pumped over that and some can’t. If you are expecting slick performances, don’t. These guys aren’t actors. But, what you see is real. This isn’t a CGI movie.

Check out their review it has some great Q&A with the writer and director.

Off the Grid Concepts – Custom Kydex

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Off the Grid Concepts, another fine purveyor of custom kydex mag pouches and holsters, has a new “dual mounting option” mag pouch that carries one rifle magazine and one pistol magazine. Check them out on Facebook or at their website to see some of their kit or see what they come up with when they come up with it. One of their mottos is, “If you own it we can holster it.” Their website says they make apparel and outdoor gear, but apparently it’s not up yet.


Off the Grid Concepts, "Dual Mounting Solution" Mag Pouch











Off the Grid Concepts "Dual Mounting Solution" Magazine Pouch

Another view of the Dual Mounting Solution Mag Pouch
















Off the Grid Concepts custom kydex holster

A holster made by Off the Grid Concepts.























Hat tip to the Mad Duo.




Up-Armored Knives Gets Another Look

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Over at KitUp!, the Mad Duo did a write up on the Up-Armored Knives Menace Fighter in their “Team Six” pattern. We first learned of Up-Armored from Tactical Fanboy and really like them. It’s definitely worth checking out.

New LE Rep for WT Tactical

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

This article is courtesy of the Mad Duo. Thanks guys!

When we traveled to SHOT this last March we spent a lot of time hanging around the Smith & Wesson booth…for a couple reasons. One was because our handlers were chillin’ there. Another was because the lady in charge of S&W’s rifle line seemed to have the hots for us. That’s what it seemed like anyway. It was at SHOT that we first met Brian Montgomery, who has now retired as an active police officer and been named by WT Tactical as their Military/LE representative on the west coast. We’re not terribly sure whether this means you have to actually be in a state bordering Pacific or if you have to reside on that side of the Mississippi, but after spending about 70 hours and working our way through numerous adult beverages with him at SHOT and a big training gig with Chicago PD, we are sure he’s a good dude. We’re certain he will be a great asset for WTT—not least of which because he spent so much time On The Job. (As you know, several of our handlers are LEOs, so we’re biased.) Brian’s going to be handling both the extensive WT Tactical military line and the upcoming M&P® By SMITH & WESSON® tactical apparel line WTT was licensed to build.

Brian was a municipal PD officer in Oregon (which he tells us is a state), was assigned to probation and parole and juvenile justice for a county agency and spent a lot of time working counter-narcotics and Tac. He’s a firearms instructor, earned his agency’s award for valor and prefers Guiness on tap. If you’re out west want to talk WTT for your agency, unit, tac team or yourself, contact Brian. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he’s a stand up guy, he’s good to go and he’s Mad Duo Approved.

In closing, we’ll leave you with this picture of us one night while still at SHOT.

That’s Elvis, by the way, not Brian. He’s the one taking the picture.

Mad Duo Clear!

Brian, on the other hand, can be reached at