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AUSA – Revision Military

Monday, October 10th, 2011


Revision Military’s Batlskin technology is making its US debut at AUSA. Batlskin is a modular, scalable head protective system. It integrates with existing ballistic helmets (ACH) With a front mount that does three things. You can integrate NVGs offering increased stability by using existing holes in the helmet. Additionally, you can use the mount to attach a visor and finally, the mount also accepts a mandible guard. The components can be attached and detached while the helmet is worn allowing you to tailor protection to the threat.


Additionally, Revision has developed a helmet retention system and liner that is optimized for use with the ACH. It can be used to upgrade your current helmet or in conjunction with the full Batlskin Head Protective Sysyem. The liner is a three piece affair which helps with proper pad placement for impactrotection. This means the middle pad can be removed to accommodate headsets.

Revision Military BATLSKIN

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

In July, we told you about BATLSKIN, Revision Military’s new integrated, modular head protection system. In this teaser video, you can see a couple of glimpses of the system and how all of the pieces fit together. Visit their website to learn more. The interactive page is pretty cool and give you a few more tidbits of information on how BATLSKIN works.