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SHOT Show – BROWE Sport Optic

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013


The 4×32 BROWE SPORT Optic (BSO) is a purpose designed and built optic for AR-style rifles that is a non-powered alternative to the BROWE Combat Optic (BCO). It features a housing machined from solid Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum combined with SCHOTT Glass, and FLIR etched mirror reticle. It’s also waterproof and fog proof. The new Sport Optic also fits all the accessories offered for the 4×32 BCO.


The BSO’s most interesting feature is the battery free, Rechargeable Illumination Technology (RIT) reticle, which is environmentally friendly and non toxic. It’s kind of like using your flashlight to charge your cat eyes on your PC before a patrol. So basically, you charge it for about 15 seconds before you use it in low light. Notice it’s a SPORT optic there race fans. So no, it’s not designed for combat use. Not if you have to stop and charge it up before you use it.


This graphic will give you an idea of what the reticle looks like during day and at night while charged and glowing.

BSO Reticle

Browe Optics in A-TACS FG

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

BROWE Inc now offers their 4 x 32 BCO in A-TACS FG (the Foliage/Green version). Nice whether you need it to keep from being seen or you just want to sport the finest in Gucci weapon furniture. Here’s the same optic on an LWRC in regular A-TACS.

The BROWE BCO optics have earned an excellent reputation in just a short time, for a number of reasons (including one model with a blue reticle that will seems to improve the performance of individuals with vision issues, like color blindness).

Browe Inc – or

More Photos of the Browe BCO 4 x 32 in A-TACS AU

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

BROWE Introduces A-TACS AU and FDE

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

BROWE Inc has introduced their 4 x 32 Combat Optic (BCO) in both and A-TACS AU Flat Dark Earth to complement the Black version already on the market.

The BCO is “dip coated” in A-TACS AU which many will find effective for camouflage and will blend in with the finish of many weapons already coated in the pattern.

In the case of the FDE variant, they rely on a CeraKote “H” series thermal cured ceramic coating which is applied over the Bio Black Titanium anodizing.

BROWE Hitting Cover of ‘Special Weapons’

Friday, February 10th, 2012

A BROWE 4 x 32 Combat Optic will be featured on the cover of ‘Special Weapons’ magazine hitting newsstands in mid-March. Here’s a sneak peek.

4 x 32 BROWE Combat Optic

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Newcomer BROWE Inc has introduced their 4 x 32 Combat Optic (BCO). Packed in a titanium housing, the BCO features a Single Intuitive Control (SIC) button, Target Light Sensor Technology, field programmable BCO Microcontroller, and a Vibration Motion Sensor.

The SIC button offers Automatic Mode at a single press which will utilize the Target Light Sensor Technology to measure the light transmission and automatically set the reticle illumination to the proper brightness. When you press it a second time the BCO enters into Manual Mode offering the choice of 10 day settings and 3 night vision settings.

The BCO has been designed with future improvements in mind. The is a sealed utility port at the backside of the battery housing which can be used to update the operating firmware or customize the existing program, or to attach remote pressure pad switch. What’s even more interesting is that this port can also be used to import or export power meaning that accessories such as lasers or mini red dots could be powered from the BCO battery. Since it’s also capable of importing power, it can run on an external power source such as powered rail.

Additionally, it boasts an average battery life of 2000 hours (at least 775 on max) partically due to the Vibration Motion Sensor which places the BCO in SLEEP mode if motion is not detected for two hours.

There are several models available with various reticles including NATO Chevron, NATO Crosshair and US Army Mil Dot. Finally, the BCO comes standard with an A.R.M.S. Mk II Throw Lever Mount. There is also a new LaRue mount that will be unveiled at SHOT Show. Many hope that there will be additional options as well.

Be sure to visit at SHOT Show in Booth #20059.