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Milipol 2015: New 3D Capability For Camero’s XAVER400 Through-Wall Imaging System

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015


The new capability enables differentiation between people and other moving objects; gives clearer understanding of people’s positions behind the wall

Milipol 2015, November 17-20, Paris, France, Hall 5, Aisle D, Stand 123

November 12, 2015 – Camero Tech – a world leader and pioneer in the development and marketing of radar-based through-wall systems – will demonstrate the new 3D capability for its XAVER400 Through-Wall Imaging System at the upcoming Milipol 2015 exhibition. The new capability enables differentiating between people and other moving objects, and gives a clearer understanding of people’s positions through the wall.

According to Camero’s CEO, Amir Beeri, “The addition of the 3D capability to the XAVER400 adds more tools and information for the commander in the field to use in making decisions regarding whether or not to enter a room or a building. Incorrect decisions can be very dangerous, and every additional piece of information in the hands of the commander reduces the chance of casualties.”


The XAVER400 is a compact, lightweight and durable personal device optimized for the speed of tactical urban operations for military, law enforcement, and search and rescue users. It delivers critical real-time information on the number of people and their location behind walls. It also provides information regarding room dimensions and major infrastructure elements.

Mr. Beeri continued, “This is the most popular system of its type, used by dozens of armies and Special Forces units around the world. The system has been used in operations across the globe, and has received high praise for its life-saving capabilities.”

In addition to the XAVER400, Camero will also present the XAVER100 ultra-portable, handheld presence-of-life detector, the XAVER800 portable, high-performance imaging system, and the new version of the XAVER NET, a ruggedized wireless portable command and control communication platform.