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Diamondback Tactical Introduces Dual Compliant Level II Armor Package

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Diamondback Tactical LLLP, recently announced the release of its first dual-compliant, N-Force Level II armor vest. The N-Force Level II (male) is compliant with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard-0101.06, and it is also tested in accordance with the FBI ballistic test protocol 2.0 (12/02/2008) at HP White Laboratory. It is the first Level II vest to reach this milestone.

“On the heels of our first tri-compliant* armor vest, the N-Force Level II further solidifies our charge to provide highly-technological and innovative armor systems to operators worldwide,” said Dale Taylor, President of Diamondback Tactical. “We lead the industry by setting performance standards that our operators have come to trust and depend upon. The significance of a Level II armor vest passing what has historically been thought of as a Level IIIA test is one of the first of its kind in the industry. We look forward to setting and pushing the bar in the design of armor that is both wearable and extremely high performing.”
*DBT’s Synergy IIIA is the industry’s first tri-compliant vest tested to the NIJ .06 standard, FBI ballistic test protocol and the DEA armor test protocol.

DBT Announces Synergy Armor Package

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Diamondback Tactical has announced their new Synergy armor package. Not only has it met the demanding National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard-0101.06, it has also been tested in accordance with the DEA protocol, and to the FBI ballistic test protocol.

The Synergy level IIIA is listed on the NIJ Compliant Products List with separate certification testing for male and female designs. Made of a proprietary Core Matrix® and performance aramid materials, the Synergy is a hybrid design vest weighing an impressive 1.07 lbs/sqft2.

In a statement provided to SSD, Dale Taylor, President and CEO of Diamondback Tactical said, “As an innovation leader within the industry, Diamondback Tactical is proud to be the first to offer operators combination performance testing to the NIJ .06, and specialized testing protocol to two of the most respected government agencies known today. These most recent performance achievements further reinforce the quality incorporated in every American-made vest we manufacture. We continue to stand on a platform of providing operators performance beyond the standard.”

The NIJ .06 protocol is an extremely robust test standard that requires minimum velocity requirements for select rounds, per threat level, and vigorous environmental testing, which include a 30 minute water submersion and 72,000 cycle tumbling requirement. The DEA and FBI test protocols also require intense testing to select special threat rounds and additional environmental conditions. The Multi-compliant Synergy IIIA reinforces the commitment made by Diamondback Tactical to serious operators for protection beyond the standard.

Diamondback Tactical Makes Major Personnel Announcements

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Diamondback Tactical LLLP, a US manufacturer and designer of mission-specific technologically advanced tactical armor systems, announced today the appointment of Andrew Bair, as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development; Roland VanSkiver, as Vice President of Sales; and Mike Runella, as the Director of Specialty Programs. Bair, VanSkiver and Runella will work to develop and implement new business & sales strategies that will enable Diamondback Tactical to strengthen its position as an industry leader in 2012.

“We are excited to continue to build our team and our business,” said Dale Taylor, CEO/President of Diamondback Tactical. “Andrew, Roland & Mike will add a tremendous amount of value and expertise to our growing organization. We are confident that their proficiency, combined with their years of experience in the industry, and focused strategic partnerships, will catapult Diamondback Tactical to the next level of success.”

Andrew Bair has advised some of the world’s top multi-national companies, international organizations and governments. Before joining Diamondback Tactical, Bair served as the senior vice president of the Willis Group, an international insurance and risk management firm in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Bair has also worked for the State Department as Senior Advisor to the Special Envoy for the Balkans and as a Special Advisor for Counter-Terrorism in the Office of the Secretary of State. His extensive experience within the federal and international markets will enable Diamondback Tactical to effectively grow focal markets.

Roland VanSkiver previously served as a Special Operations Program Manager for Diamondback Tactical. Vanskiver has more than 10 years of senior management and business consulting experience with Privately Held and Fortune 500 Corporations. In addition to his corporate leadership experience Vanskiver has served our country at home and abroad. Vanskiver a former Marine served with 3rd Battalion 2nd Marine Division as a squad leader and Marine Corps Security Forces Battalion, Anti/Counter-Terrorism unit as a team leader. In addition to his military service Vanskiver served as member of the Baltimore City Police Department’s narcotics & gang “Flex” unit.

Mike Runella previously served as a Special Operations Program Manager for Diamondback Tactical. Runella has an extensive background in tactical nylon design, ballistics, manufacturing and operations. Runella has several years of senior management experience working with tactical product manufactures. Runella has served our country at home and abroad in the United States Military and Federal Government as a member of the Special Operations community and the Private Security Sector.

Diamondback is Back!

Diamondback Tactical Launches New Website

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Just because you haven’t heard much from Diamondback Tactical lately, don’t count them out. Diamondback Tactical has launched an all new website with an emphasis on armor systems.

Also, check out their new catalog.

DBT Catalog 2012

Torch Hill Investment Partners Acquire Majority Share of DBT

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Last year D-Back Acquisition Co., parent company of Diamondback Tactical, acquired the assets of First Choice Armor & Equipment, Inc. One of D-Back’s investors was Torch Hill Investment Partners. Now, Torch Hill Investment Partners has announced that they have invested additional capital into the company and has gained a majority stake in D-Back Acquisition Co.

“We are committed to supporting Diamondback Tactical because it has proven itself as a market leader within this growing industry,” said William R. Sullivan, Board Director and Partner with Torch Hill Investment Partners in a company statement. “With an expanded product offering and focus on new product development, Diamondback is positioned for accelerated growth.”

Diamondback Tactical Acquires Assets of First Choice Armor & Equipment

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

D-Back Acquisition Co., parent company of Diamondback Tactical, announced yesterday that it has acquired the assets of First Choice Armor & Equipment, Inc. This transaction unites the quality and exceptional delivery capabilities of Diamondback with the technology and broad product portfolio of First Choice, creating a market-leader in personal and tactical protection products for the domestic and international law enforcement and military markets.

“The addition of First Choice brands and capabilities sets the stage for Diamondback’s growth strategy,” said Lt Gen Greg Newbold, USMC (Ret) of Torch Hill Investment Partners, an investor of Diamondback. “The existing technology and manufacturing know-how acquired from First Choice provides Diamondback with state-of-the-art soft and hard ballistic armor technology development and manufacturing capability allowing Diamondback to offer its strong customer base with new and expanded product lines.”

Diamondback has also announced the appointment of Dan Walsh, former President of First Choice, as Chief Executive Officer of Diamondback Tactical, overseeing all company operations. In addition, Paul Larkin assumes the role of Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Brad Ditchfield continues as Executive Vice President Operations and Dale Taylor as Executive Vice President Product Development.

“The First Choice team is delighted to join forces with Diamondback,” said Dan Walsh. ”Diamondback’s reputation for high-quality tactical gear and its vision and commitment to the domestic and international personal protection markets, creates a potent combination for future company growth.”

With the acquisition of First Choice’s assets, Diamondback now manufactures a complete range of personal protection products from concealable and tactical body armor, to hard armor plates, ballistic/riot shields and vehicle armor. Diamondback is an ISO 9001:2008 and ANAB accredited certified company that has pioneered the development of innovative NIJ 0101.06 certified concealable and tactical armor and is a global leader in ballistic technology and design.

BattleLab Optics Bags with or without Laptop Insert

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Over the past few months we have published articles on equipment designed for reconnaissance and surveillance operations. This type of work generally requires quite a bit of communications and electronics that can be vulnerable to environmental conditions if not stored properly. Diamondback Tactical’s BattleLab division has a couple of pack inserts designed specifically for this mission set called the Optics Bag and it comes with or without a laptop insert. One is for optics only, the second for optics with the addition of a padded computer sleeve.

DBT BattleLab Optics Bag

The Optics Bags are padded bags and constructed of 1000D nylon with YKK brand zippers. Modular in design, the user can configure the bag to fit his specific equipment such as laptops, night vision systems, telephoto lenses and cameras or optical recording devices. The lid features four zippered pockets including a utility pocket, a large mesh pocket for storing small objects and two clear plastic pouches for storing items that need extra protection. The Optics Bag is also available with an external padded computer sleeve on the lid.

Each insert is specifically designed to fit into a BattleLab SOF Assault Pack or the BattleLab Jumpable Backpack but can also be used as a stand alone bag. The insert features a grab handle to facilitate movement.

To order go to Diamondback Tactical.

Photo courtesy of Diamondback Tactical.

Diamondback Tactical Year End Sale

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Diamondback Tactical has just released a sale catalog. There is also a “Lucky 21” sale featured on the back cover of the catalog. When you purchase any combination of three pouches from the list of 21 different pouches shown, you get them for $21.00 while they last (buy as many as you like but hurry, they’re limited to stock on hand).

Sale prices in this catalog are good through December 31, 2008. Certain restrictions apply.

The sale catalog is available here.