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Vigilant Security Services (VSS) Moves Main Operations to Las Vegas, Launches Website, YouTube Channel

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

New location and website will support increased student enrollment in tactical training courses for firearms and other tactical courses..

Las Vegas, NV. (October 27, 2020) ­– Erik Lawrence, Principal of Vigilant Security Services, LLC, announced that the main region of operations of VSS has shifted from Philippi, WV, to Las Vegas, NV in October 2020. The new location will support increased student enrollment in tactical training courses for firearms and other tactical courses.

Additionally, Lawrence has launched a new website, and YouTube channel, Erik Lawrence VSS. The website includes an online store offering many firearms manuals, tactical books authored by Lawrence, zeroing targets for the AK-47, popular AR-15/M4 optics and other tactical products. The YouTube channel will allow viewers worldwide to enjoy high-quality videos of Lawrence featuring various weapons systems.

“This is a very positive change and important modification of the quality training and products we have always provided,” Lawrence said. “Stay tuned for big news soon. Subscribe and keep up to date!”

For more information, email or visit or

Erik Lawrence currently serves as Principal of Vigilant Security Services, LLC, a service disabled veteran owned small business that provides a variety of security services internationally as well as specialized weapons, tactics and surveillance training to a variety of qualified civilian, law enforcement and government clients.


Vigilant Security Services – Weapons Operational Manuals

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


In the same vein as his handbooks done under Blackheart International, Erik Lawrence has drafted a number of weapons manuals detailing the operational use of some of the most popular foreign and domestic weapons systems currently in use today. You’ll see some excellent content from Mike Pannone as well. In particular, the carbine manual was written completely by Mike.

Many of them can be purchased on Amazon here.

Tactical Pistol Shooting 2nd Edition

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Tactical Pistol Shooting 2nd Edition

A new, expanded edition of “Tactical Pistol Shooting” was just released. Just like the first edition it is a solid work and is filled time tested pistol handling techniques. Written by special operations veterans Erik Lawrence and Mike Pannone, two guys who know their stuff. Major improvements over the first edition include full color photos and an improved section on shooting while wounded. Speaking with the author on the new photographs he said that working with Mike Pannone and the photographer was a joy. Mike knows all of the drills cold allowing Erik to work with the photographer and see each shot from his perspective. They wrapped up the entire book’s worth of photos in two hours! I still find it amazing that “Tactical Pistol Shooting” contains over 350 color photos in a trade paperback for under $25. It is worth the cover price and is an excellent reference.

Order it at You can even include an autograph and message.