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Widget Wednesday – DeWalt Battery Adapters

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Many SOF elements deploy on foreign missions for an indefinite period of time in austere environments. The need to be self-sufficient also often includes having to build the infrastructure they need to for accommodation, training, and operations. To get this job done, commercially available power tools are in common use.

Commercial power tools are also necessary for the maintenance of Indigenously Owned Vehicles (IOV), Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTV), and Non-Standard Tactical Vehicles (NSTV) as well and are a ‘must have’ on any extended operations with such vehicles.

Finally, much of the specialized equipment used by forces with specific, unique mission sets such as breaching, demolition, and EOD uses commercial power tool batteries as well.


Until now, the ability to keep these batteries charged in environments with unreliable or non-existent AC power infrastructure has been a significant challenge – to say nothing of the extra space and weight taken up with their special wall charger units.

Thanks to our recently developed DeWalt Tool Battery Adapters for the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager, units can now keep all of their batteries charged up no matter how austere the AO. Our SPM + DeWalt Adapter combinations also enable units to get double-duty of their DeWalt batteries by using them as a power source for their other gear as well.


DeWalt Batteries currently supported by the SPM include the 14.4V, 18V, and now the 20V – with the slide-on Adapter as well. DeWalt Tool Battery Adapter’s for the ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger are also in development and will be released soon.

For pricing and availability, please contact the PTX team at:  [email protected] or on 508-490-6690.

Widget Wednesday: PTX “Y-Wing” CWB-MBITR Power Assembly

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

We are constantly working to provide increased mission capability with a reduced battery burden. Recently, we worked with special operations end-users to develop a streamlined, vest-worn, power solution based on the issued Conformal Wearable Battery.


The Conformal Wearable Battery, or CWB, is a thin, lightweight, flexible Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that integrates with the end-user’s load carrying equipment.  It reduces the number of spare batteries the operator needs to carry, it enables the sustainment of dismounted operations in remote / austere environments, and features a state of charge indicator for quickly checking its remaining power capacity.  The CWB is much safer than other common Lithium-Ion batteries – it can even be shot without bursting into flames or blowing up – and operates at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees C to 60 degrees C.  The Conformal Wearable Battery was developed as part of the Nett Warrior program and is now in use with many units.


The PTX “Y-Wing” CWB-MBITR Power Assembly connects two MBITR PRC-148 or PRC-152 radios to a single CWB integrated into the user’s plate carrier or load carrying vest. Our system greatly increases radio mission time – 3x longer than a 50Wh MBTR Battery and 2x longer than a 70Wh MBTR Battery – and eliminates the additional cost of an additional hub or extra radio batteries. It also contributes to a lighter and more streamlined load carriage set-up.


If you’re at SOFIC come see the system at our booth – #2232. Otherwise, for further information contact us at [email protected]

PTX and Federal Resources Power Management Demo at SOFIC

Monday, May 21st, 2018


Time: Tues. May 22 – 3:30pm
Location: Federal Resources Booth #2020
Support: Complimentary drinks will be provided
Discover how PTX power management solutions can keep your essential batteries and equipment powered up when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Our subject matter experts will demonstrate several use cases to show how PTX ensures you’ll never run out of power on a mission.

This demo is open to all attendees of SOFIC 2018.
Also be sure to visit the PTX crew on the Protonex Technology Corp. booth, #2232, during SOFIC.

Widget Wednesday – PTX RQ-11B Raven Austere Power Solutions

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018


The AeroVironment RQ-11B Raven® is the most widely-used low-altitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) asset among US and Allied Forces today. On a single battery charge, the Raven® can typically fly up to 6.2 miles (10.0 km) at speeds of 28–60 mph (45–97 km/h). Now, thanks to the PTX SPM-622 Squad Power Manager and ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger, RQ-11B Raven® operators can unplug themselves from the wall socket charger, harvest / scavenge power from any available source, and keep flying for longer – anywhere.


Drawing power from solar panels / blankets, vehicle power outlets, vehicle batteries, and military or commercial rechargeable batteries, Raven® operators are able to maintain full, constant operational capability in even the most undeveloped environments.


And thanks to our ground-breaking smart cable technology, Raven® aircraft batteries can also be connected to the SPM-622 as a power source to run other essential equipment such as radios, GPS devices, tablets – or even medical equipment for casualty treatment. This not only helps units simplify logistics and reduce their battery burden, it could even save a life.


The SPM-622 RQ-11B Raven® Austere Power Kit includes a Squad Power Manager, a flexible solar blanket, vehicle and battery power scavenging cables, and all connectors and accessories needed to charge the aircraft battery, Ground Control Station, and Toughbook® simultaneously.


The ABC-812 RQ-11B Raven® Bulk-Charging Kit enables users to charge up to 8 Raven® aircraft batteries in dual battery adapters simultaneously.  Alternatively, users can charge 2 Raven® batteries and up to 6 other batteries as needed.  The ABC-812 also incorporates 4 USB ports for concurrently charging Smart Phones, Tablets and other end-user devices.


Come see the PTX team at SOFIC next week at booth #2232 to learn more about the full range of PTX Power Management Solutions – or visit the website anytime at www.ptxnomad.com


Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

One of our latest developments, the SPM-622 Field-Charging Kit for the Endeavor Robotics FirstLook® keeps your robot fully operational in the field.


The lightweight, rugged, throwable, FirstLook® UGV provides tactical situational awareness while allowing personnel to maintain a safe stand-off position. With the SPM-622 Field Charging Kit, FirstLook® users can harvest / scavenge power from any available source to ensure your FirstLook® always remains operational – no matter where you are.


FirstLook® Field-Charging Kits include an SPM-622 Squad Power Manager, a flexible solar blanket, vehicle and battery power scavenging cables, and all connectors and accessories needed to charge a robot, a controller, and a radio simultaneously.


The SPM-622 system charges the FirstLook® in the same amount of time as a standard A/C wall charger (approx. 3 hrs.) – it can also charge up to 4 robots in less than 6 hours.


The kit can also be customized to include additional cables for other equipment if needed as well.

For further information about our full range of power management solutions, visit www.PTXnomad.com or contact the [email protected]and come see us at SOFIC on booth #2232.

Widget Wednesday: PTX Adaptive Battery Charger, ABC-812

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

The PTX ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger is the lightweight, flexible, intelligent, bulk battery charger built for rugged field use.


Like all PTX Power management systems, the Adaptive Battery Charger can draw power from any source. Unlike our other systems, it has been specifically optimized as a bulk battery charger that charge multiple different types of batteries at the same time – from the same power source. Due to its intelligent power management system, the ABC-812 automatically evaluates the power source and adjusts its output to maximize charge rate and minimize charge time.

The ABC also prioritizes charging, so that the fullest battery is charged first – enabling the user to get back in operation as soon as possible with at least one fully charged battery.  Its built-in intelligence also prevents it from completely draining a vehicle battery when in scavenge mode – so you’re left stuck with a dead battery.


It is also easily adaptable to different charging needs – just plug in a new battery adapter cup and start charging, no additional programming or reconfiguration is required.  The ABC-812 currently supports a wide range of military and commercial batteries; including the BB2590, Conformal Wearable Battery, MBITR, C-SEL, Aeryon Skyranger UAV, and more.

The entire system is packed in a tough, impact-resistant, waterproof, case to ensure reliable operation in austere expeditionary environments, and has been proven on deployments with US Army, US Air Force, and NATO units.


For further information visit www.PTXnomad.com, contact the [email protected], and visit the PTX team on the Protonex booth at SOFIC, booth #2232.

Widget Wednesday:  PTX Vest Power Manager, VPM-402

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

The PTX VPM-402 is the intelligent, rugged, “man-worn”, combined data and power management solution.

The VPM’s smart USB hub interconnects user-worn data-enabled devices, as well as enabling their constant operability from a single battery. The VPM manages data pass through, prioritizes battery usage, reports power levels, and automatically alerts the operator to any issues. And because it integrates data and power in a single device, it eliminates the need for separate power and data cables –reducing The Battery Burden and streamlining the user’s gear load.

The VPM-402 uses standard USB protocols to pass data between connected devices – regardless of manufacturer – providing backward and forward technology integration. Like its “big brother, the Squad Power Manager, the Vest Power Manager also scavenges from any available power source – vehicle, aircraft, solar, etc. – to power devices and charge batteries.

Originally developed as a central component for the US Marine Corps’ “Marine Austere Patrolling System” program, the compact-sized VPM-402’s full-sized power and data management capability is now in use among JTAC and other extended fires teams with US and Partner Nation forces.

For further information visit www.PTXnomad.com, contact the [email protected], and visit the PTX team on the Protonex booth at SOFIC, booth #2232.

Widget Wednesday – SPM-622 Squad Power Manager

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

You might have seen the recent announcements from Protonex, and wondered just what the heck a ‘Squad Power Manager’ is. If that’s the case, or even if your unit has already been issued them, this overview / refresher might be useful.

In a nut shell, the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager intelligently manages energy transfer to and between batteries and electronic equipment. It is an intelligent power harvester and scavenger, it is an automatic voltage converter, it is a universal power hub for charging batteries and running equipment, it’s safe and easy-to-use, and it’s robust enough for tough missions in harsh environments.

It enables troops in the field to:
• connect multiple different electronic devices and batteries at one time
• run electronic devices of any type from a common battery, and from different batteries
• run multiple devices and recharge different batteries concurrently
• harvest power from solar blankets, vehicle outlets, car batteries, and other sources


The SPM-622 has proven itself as a mission-essential tactical tool with deployed teams because of its ability to drastically reduce their battery burden, while simultaneously increasing their up-time and operational effectiveness.

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager currently supports a wide range electronic equipment for specialist applications; including Prolonged Field Care; EOD; Unmanned Systems; Radio and SATCOM Operators; Recon, Surveillance and Target Analysis; Dismounted Infantry Situational Awareness; and more…

Widget Wednesday is a weekly series to educate you on the use of Protonex products. Visit www.ptxnomad.com or reach out to [email protected] to find out more.