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Rob Pincus Joins Board Of Second Amendment Organization

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

CHICAGO – Second Amendment Organization is pleased to announce that Rob Pincus has joined our Board of Directors and has accepted the role of Executive Vice President.

Rob brings over twenty years of experience in the Gun Industry and a lifetime as a shooter. Rob is one of the industry’s most vocal leaders. He is both an advocate and an educator. His work with United States Concealed Carry Association, National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Second Amendment Foundation, Personal Defense Network, I.C.E. Training Company and countless other Pro-Gun-Rights Organizations has influenced millions of American Gun Owners. He has frequently spoken on behalf of responsible gun owners in national and international media. His views are sometimes controversial and often confrontational as he has combated ignorance and negligence around firearms and firearms rights. He understands the need for an assertive, inclusive and rational gun rights organization.

The Second Amendment Organization was founded on a response to the cultural shift that occurred in the US after the vicious killings at Sandy Hook. After that tragedy, an unprecedented number of large corporations, international companies and local business began declaring themselves and their locations as Anti-Gun or “Gun Free Zones”. A few people stood up in opposition to that movement and declared their businesses as Gun Friendly… one of those business was mine. In the wake of that decision, I received a great deal of media attention and was soon joined by other businesses around the county. I saw an opportunity to motivate and celebrate the message of Support for the Second Amendment from businesses outside of the gun industry in a way that had never been done before. I was joined by a few like-minded individuals and started 2AO as a non-profit. Within a few years, we established chapters in over 20 states and had well over 250,000 Businesses Committed to our cause.

Under Rob’s leadership, 2AO plans to expand our efforts and activities. Our Mission is now three fold:
1. To promote a Pro-Second Amendment Attitude in businesses across the United States.
2. To support and educate Grassroots Second Amendment Advocates around the country dealing with issues at the State and Local Levels.
3. To combat Gun Negligence in all forms inside of the community of American Gun Owners.

Our Board has had the utmost respect for Rob Pincus’ work over many years. We are honored to have him join us and we look forward to working with him to accomplish our goals.

Bryan Crosswhite
President & Founder
Second Amendment Organization

I.C.E. Training And PDT Technologies Launch Reality-Based Training Program For Civilian Personal Defense Market

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Program Promotes Higher Training Standards by Incorporating Military/Law Enforcement Methods in Mainstream Defensive Firearms Instruction

ALAMO, Calif. – November 18, 2013 – I.C.E. Training, one of the nation’s leading defensive training companies, and Practical Defense Training Technologies (PDT), a reality-based training solutions provider, have partnered to present the Reality-Based Training Instructor Development Program. Although gun ownership has risen dramatically in recent years, training has lagged behind, creating a huge gap between the number of civilians who own firearms, and those who have had sufficient training. Launching in January 2014, this program leverages reality-based training methodologies to improve standards in mainstream defensive firearms instruction. The program is designed for RBT instructors, NRA certified instructors, concealed carry weapon (CCW) and personal defense/home defense instructors. Some of the nation’s top civilian training companies, including 10X Defense, Safer Faster Defense, Bearco Training and Echo-5 Training Group, are among the first to be certified under the program.

A mainstay in the military and law enforcement communities, reality-based training provides the conditioning, decision-making skills and stress inoculation that can save lives in real-world scenarios. The Reality-Based Training Instructor Development Program safely and responsibly integrates RBT into mainstream defensive firearms instruction. Created by I.C.E. Training, this 30-hour program combines distance education, classroom sessions and scenario experiences such as home defense, vehicle CCW, public space CCW and armed robbery. Once certified, students will also receive a RBT product package that includes non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) and PDT Technologies’ professional-grade personal protective equipment (PPE). The use of PDT’s professional-grade PPE, such as the Force 1 helmet, neck protector, chest protector and hand armor, enables course participants to learn military/law enforcement methods of progressive skill development using non-lethal training ammunition.

“The addition of a Reality-Based Training Instructor Development Course is a natural evolution,” said Rob Pincus, a nationally recognized defensive firearms instructor and owner of I.C.E. Training. “I’ve been involved in high-level RBT since 2000 and have been training others to teach for almost that long. The state of the industry, as well as non-lethal training equipment, have advanced to the point that quality force-on-force experiences should be available to the average person learning to defend themselves, their families and their homes. Teaching instructors how to conduct safe and effective reality-based training is the next step.”

Rob Pincus is also the developer of the COMBAT FOCUS Shooting program and the Personal Defense Video DVD Series. For well over a decade, he and his instructors have provided training to military special operations personnel from the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy, law enforcement and security officers, and civilians interested in the defense of their families and homes. Pincus has published three books and written for a variety of trade media outlets including the Personal Defense Network. He appears as an instructor on television programs including The Best Defense and S.W.A.T. Magazine TV.

“Reality-based training exists today because of irrefutable data sets from the field supporting the validity of immersion-type training,” said Gordon Potter, president of PDT Technologies and a 15-year veteran of U.S. Army Special Forces. “What is so promising about partnering with I.C.E. Training is the way I see them shaping the future of dynamic critical incidents. I.C.E. continues to define the need for a broader understanding of sciences, neuroscience, physics, and physiology to effectively engage the whole person in personal defense training. Through this program, civilian trainers can add a dimensional difference to their existing programs and have the opportunity to use the same training products, techniques, and methodologies that have proven successful in the military and law enforcement worlds.”

Pricing and Registration

The Reality-Based Training Instructor Development Program will be held monthly across the nation beginning in 2014, with the inaugural course kicking off in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 18 after SHOT Show. The program will take place at Battlefield Vegas, a premier military-style training complex located just one block from the Las Vegas strip. The program is priced at $1499, which includes a $300 course fee and a product package comprising:

· Three (3) full sets of PDT’s personal protective equipment. Designed for non-lethal training ammunition engagement, each set includes the Force 1 helmet, neck protector, padded hood, chest protector, groin protector, hand armor, and a marking knife for CQB training.

· 500 rounds of non-lethal training ammunition (5.56mm marking cartridges)

· One (1) M-4/AR-15 conversion bolt.

The $300 course fee is due as a deposit upon registration. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to complete their purchase of the product package for $1199. An upgrade fee applies for 9mm marking cartridges and a handgun conversion kit. Those who do not pass the course are ineligible to purchase the product package. Students must be certified firearms instructors (NRA, law enforcement agency, private sector certification, etc.) prior to attending the classroom portion of this program in order to be eligible for testing and certification. To register, please visit

Rob Pincus Speaks Out on “Recoil”

Friday, September 14th, 2012

The announcement that Jerry Tsai, former Editor of Recoil Magazine, has stepped down certainly opens the door for them to rebuild their advertising base. But, the question still remains, will the change in leadership bring a strong message to young gun owners that the fundamental reason to own a firearm is personal, home and (in the worst case) National Defense ?

Let’s hope so.

Keep in mind that this week’s conversations, and the many that will be had about Recoil Magazine in the near and (possibly) far future, really revolved not around one man, but around large issues that affect each and every gun owner. The issue is “Why is it okay that we owns firearms?”

At the end of the day, there really should not be any reason that someone claims, short of the intent to harm another human being outside of defensive action, that anyone should consider wrong. There are many types of guns that we, as individuals, may not like. There are many reasons for owning guns that we, as individuals, may not want to list as our own. Fundamentally, I believe that defense is the primary best reason for firearms to exist and to be owned. I firmly believe that a constitutional interpretation of the right to own firearms is based on defense.

The reason I was personally so invested in the discussion this week was not to see one man replaced. It was to ensure that any voice of leadership in this industry at least agrees that our RKBA should not be legally restricted and that there is no absolutely such thing as a reasonable restriction to the rights of responsible, sane and law abiding person to own firearms.

Certainly, we may not always agree on the best choices for defense, the best ways to exercise our rights or even, believe it or not, the best caliber for any given purpose… but, on the issue of Zero Tolerance for Restrictions, we must be united.

I wish Recoil Magazine, and Jerry Tsai, good luck in rebuilding so long as they do so with a stronger sense of the importance of instilling these principles in the young, enthusiastic gun owners that they reaching… and anyone else who is listening.

-Rob Pincus
-I.C.E. Training Company

TF Presents – Vehicle Counterambush: Fighting Drill for the Zombiepocalypse

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Training for the worst case scenario…that’s the way to prevail. Not just to survive (which obviously is important) but to win. Rob Pincus is a longtime firearms and tactics trainer many of you might be familiar with. He’s the host of SWAT Magazine TV, a prolific writer, author of both Combat Focus Evolution 2010 and the Training Log Book and one of the busiest instructors we know of. He’s come up with quite a few drills some of our friends use on the range themselves, but this one may be the coolest one yet – and just in the nick of time. Everyone preparing for the impending zompiepocalypse, from Ohio cops to 5.11 Tactical, are undoubtedly relaxing now that Halloween is past. As though somehow the end of the world will happily coincide with a convenient undead-friendly holiday. Complacency kills, whether you’re a cop on the street, the gunner on top of an up-armored or the leader of a zombie eradication team.

Check out this drill, and if your rangemaster has a sense of humor try it yourself. Truth be told, you could probably make the argument that it simulates having to engage from inside a heavy, rioting crowd…but zombies are a more likely threat.

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