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SHOT Show 17 – SERBU Firearms GB-22

Saturday, January 21st, 2017


This is the SERBU GB-22, a single shot, open bolt .22 pistol designed to be extremely simple to build, even with basic handtools, as necessity or availability of materials and tools dictates. Because it’s so basic, it also lends itself to as much modification as the builder deems appropriate. For example, the GB-22 doesn’t have sights as part of its standard design, but a creative sort can include irons in the design, or as is the case in the model above, create a mounting platform for an electro-optic. In case you were wondering, the ‘GB’ in GB-22 stands for ‘Gun Buyback’, as creator Mark Serbu has pretty much stated that because of the simple design the GB-22 can be built up quick and cheap and used to game a gun buyback program.


The plans are available right now on SERBU’s site for a paltry $12 (link here). If you feel you’re not mechanically-inclined enough to take advantage of the plans, then you’ll have to wait until SERBU receives BAFTE approval for a built kit.

Serbu Firearms’ Plans For Dealing With Pending “Assault Weapon” Ban Bill

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

I’ve had occasion to use a Serbu BFG-50 .50 bolt gun for testing in my previous life developing and testing vehicle armor. They are great folks, provide great tech support and build a great gun. Full of greatness all around. They posted these words on their Facebook wall and I’d say that most companies in the firearms and accessory business echo their sentiment. Remember, whatever has the serial number is the gun. In most cases (AR-style guns) this is a lower receiver, but not always. If you don’t already have one of the dreaded “assault weapons” and can’t afford a full gun, but want one, try to get a mil-spec lower. That’s the gun as far as the law is concerned.

Tampa, FL—January 3, 2013: Folks, it’s tragic that a bunch of very young children were murdered by a deranged maniac with a gun. It’s worse that instead of truly addressing a problem that has nothing to do with “assault weapons”, the proposed fix from Congress is a ban on “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines. Please note that the killer’s AR-15 rifle, which was one of the three firearms used to kill the children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary school, wasn’t even considered an assault weapon under CT state law. Regardless, with the typical “never let a tragedy to go waste” mentality, Senator Diane Feinstein is set to introduce her flagship “assault weapon” ban legislation today. We’ve read the proposed features of this bill, and it’s a dream for gun-grabbers, a nightmare for anyone else. Adding what could amount to tens of millions of new firearms to the National Firearms Act registry (which was started in 1934) would be a virtually impossible task for the BATFE. They currently have around 170,000 machine guns to track in that registry, and as anyone who has been in this business for any length of time can tell you, it’s a far from perfect database. Add to that massive non-compliance, oh, and the fact that no criminals would ever turn in the “tools of their trade” and you have a recipe for a giant snafu that will accomplish nothing. Well, except that it already has accomplished something and that’s to generate huge, record sales for anyone producing anything that’s destined to be banned. While we have yet to see if we’re “lucky” enough to have a gun which has actually made the list, we know that our BFG-50A will be banned because of features. And our AR-15 receivers, which we just started producing barely a month ago, are, of course, to be banned.

The bottom line is that just like the situation in 2003 where we were facing a ban on the .50 BMG rifle in California, we’re working our butts off to produce as many BFG-50A rifles as we can. And just like then, we will be producing LOTS of bare receivers, as well. The price of a bare BFG-50A receiver is $1250 retail. Should this ban become law this is the cheapest and quickest way to be in legal possession of a BFG-50A before it takes effect. The receiver can be sent back to us for completion in the future. I personally think the bill is far too far-reaching and will never pass as written. But I think the gun-grabbers will get something passed, so we’re playing it safe just in case. Please call your congressmen and senators and tell them to vote against this mess!! Thanks to my current customers for keeping me at a job I love for the past 16 years and to my future customers for keeping it going!

Mark Serbu – Livin’ the dream! 😉